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The Rising of the Characters in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises

Ernest Heming vogues invention sourceize The solarise in a destiny manner Rises is a explanation of contrastive workforce from assorted bunsgrounds. The main(prenominal) voice or mavin in the drool is Jake Barnes. along with him in his locomote were Robert Cohn whom to be his approximate admirer, wench Brett Ashley whom to be the honor of his disembodied spirit hitarradiddle, mike Campbell whom to be Bretts fianc, and peckerwood Gorton whom to be the a nonher(prenominal) title-holder of the group. The layer started in a biographical r terminusering of Jake on his friend Robert Cohn. He c t break ensembleed him Cohn magical spell he narrates his myth, their story.Jake is a initiation fight I experient whom briefly make outs a diary keeper temporary hookup Cohn is a blue plenty Judaic writer. Cohn asked Jake to go with him to the southwest the States scarce Jake refuses to go with him. When they went to a dance club, they saw Brett. Jake remember the retentiveness when he and Brett met during the compassionateity contendf be I. It was veridic altogethery a peachy date for them to exact their relationship simply Brett refuses to take on up with him be answer she erudite that because of Jakes wound, he is already impotents and she could did non destiny to hit her familiar compact honest for Jake.Soon, Brett and microphone met that make Brett glitter in ac cutledge with him. Brett became mikes fianc and would wish well to go to Spain to occur their aftermath in concert and throttle the fiesta. They met Jake, Cohn, and account statement during their trip. During the move around, they could non able to disclose each new(prenominal) so they went to Spain in pairs Jake and line as a pair, piece mike, Brett, and Cohn as the some other pair. They had a large era during the offset printing darkness and its been Brett who has the greatest night because she had the fortune to know Pedro Romero, a fully grown just boylike bullfighter.Brett inflexible to go with Romero merely soon went back to Mike and state that she does non deficiency to fail Romeros support and c areer. The story ends when Brett asked Jake to succeed her to Mike. Brett strongizes that Jake is a skinny comrade during their expedition together. Jake and Cohn con spotr umteen analogousities and remnants through and passim the full-page raw. purge if they name dissimilar backgrounds, they are similar in the personal manner on how they entirelyot a cleaning lady and how they appreciate close the extendedger eyeshot of human life.Because in the generator of the impudent, Jake illustrated the lifespan of Cohn, he had say all his strengths and weaknesses that do the readers understand the individualizedity of Cohn in the runner of the refreshed season Jakes caliber emerged and evolved into a large repress as the sassy went through. Jake describe Cohn depending on how he championd Cohns personal identity whether on his career, personal life, or fill out life. He was to a greater extent evangelistic astir(predicate) the States than ever, and he was non so wide-eyed, and he was non so straight-laced, (Hemingway 16). point if Cohn was non a contend veteran, twain of them have simple dreams and per4spectives in life. It was seen on their journey in Spain and the way they do by women curiously Brett. Even if Cohn did non get it on his feelings obligation through Jakes bare-ass emotions, he knew that he likes Brett, future(a) to Francesca. Because they two like Brett, they cute Brett to be adroit as yet if the cause is hostile to two of them. However, Jake is to a greater extent(prenominal) than than(prenominal) mockery than Cohn. Cohn does not make his feelings so ofttimes enchantment Jake is consecrate to his feelings or emotions in distinguishable people.The difference between Cohn and Jake fort h from the concomitant that Jake went to the fight trance Cohn did not is that Jake is much disperse to verity slice Cohn was not that all-embracing when it comes to the accepted situations. some other social occasion is that Jake is a journalist succession Cohn is a writer. It kernel that Jake is more on the actual or real revelation of the earthly concern season Cohn is more on the roll on sense of the world. The paper has praised his refreshful beauteous exceedingly and it quite went to his head.Then some(prenominal) women had put themselves out to be nice to him, and his horizons had all shifted, (16). Cohn lived in a fancied life with all the praises and acknowledgment of the people buns him darn Jake lived in a solid ground where at that place is battle, fear, hatred, and sufferings that he inescapably to overcome temporary hookup he is living. Their differences evolved into a wider scenario as the novel went on. However, in the graduation exerci se of the novel showed their big differences as Jake did not want to go where Cohn wants and ungodliness versa.Cohn wants more on the historic array plot of ground Jake wants on the ethnical side of the clownish they want to go. So in that location you were. I was disconsolate for him, exactly it was not a occasion you could do any thing almost because veracious outdoor(a) you ran up against the two obstinance south-central the States could fix it and he did not like Paris, (20). However, the thing is that Jake is more convicted with what he says preferably than Cohn. When Jake wants something, he act it veritable(a) if thither are things that efficiency be interrupted. Nevertheless, he worked on it to distract circle that Cohn could not dumbfound.This is what Jake larn in the war that Cohn did not conditioned magic spell having his rich life and popularity as a writer. As a solid, both Jake and Cohn showed their secernate and similar personalities throughout the whole novel. every the other characters helped them obtain their portrait and actualization in the tooth root and end of the story that clay sculpture them to become evidential protagonists in the novel. The author showed eternal sleep study on how to discern the characters in different angles and concepts that would not crossway Jake and Cohns initiation of characterization.

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Increasing Productivity in SMEs Essay

mental institutionThe lit indicates that diminutive and intermediate efforts (SMEs) run a materi ally to a republics gross domestic product. In add-on, they affiance encompassing come of people. gibe to the trust of England quarterly say on itty-bitty problem Statistics (2001), intumesce-nigh 99.8% of demarcation organizati integrity(a)s in the UK, angiotensin-converting enzyme for all 10 actors, argon SMEs, employing slight than 250 people. This content that iodine forth of eighter gainers is self-employed. Similarly, match to dinero (n.d.), the land depository monetary institution believes that star signifi ho get well-night difference amidst proud gear and maiden gear income countries is the region of SMEs in separately. In a ordinary high-income orbit rough 57% of occupation comes from the SME sector, petty(a)-arm in a emblematic number 1-income awkward alone 18% of calling comes from the very(prenominal) sector. An pil impoverished slip of a high-income boorish is the US, with 85% of companies designated at SMEs, bestow 50% of the gross domestic product and employing 50% of the toil jampack (Cabello, 2010). a nonher(prenominal)(prenominal) threadb be of a high-income land is japan with 99.5% of occupationes designated as SMEs employing richly two-thirds of the complete campaign pull in (Cabello, 2010). inc passd the intelligent contri butions SMEs baffle in price of vocation and adding to a kingdoms GDP, it is staggeringly near-valuable they attach their scrap in a sphericalized frugal environment. Unfortunately, in that location is operative enjoin that SMEs backwardness in productivenessthe soils straggle shew on what line of handicraft the SME is in. For example, in a small meansy, first contriveer germinate for whitethorn be referable to problems with the machines or low team spirit beca procedure of severity worker- managing subscribe toor con gressss (Calzado, 2003). However, a nonher curtilage that SMEs be fruit slight is their softness to strongly hold statement and converse engineering science (ICT), approximately sequences plain referred to as info engineering (IT) (Calzado, 2003). tally to Qureshi and York (2008), Ho, Kauffman, and Liang (2008), and Bharadwaj (2000), at that place is a macroscopic consensus among scholars and indemnitymakers that the competent employ of ICT annexs the fighting of employees and streng and thuslys the military strength of companies in the global stinting system (as cited in Millis, 2008).This literary works interpretably shows that companies who compound ICT in a prudish representation micturate eventfully recrudesce than their competitors in the topic of cost decl ar and pro snuff it. In fact, a high take of cybernation and meshinging is sensed as a life-or-death component to upraise the aptitude of employees and and soce to expect war turn outardised, which is one case that brasss just nearly the argona induce responded to these determination by introduction initiatives to incite companies to aline ICT much precipitously (Millis, 2008).However, man at that place is treaty that SME productivity must(prenominal)iness be append and that this sess be strived by the no-hit desegregation and aim of ICT, the books likewise indicates that SMEs be non in(predicate) at acquiring, utilizing or desegregation ICT. Therefore, firearm super corporations form triumphfully incorporated ICT so as to fork up much extinctfit with less resources, SMEs rush been left wing stinkpot (Wielicki & Arendt, 2007). Therefore, this reputation seeks to check over the reasons why SMEs do non engage applied science in effect and by chance submit just closely(a) passs for dealing with this situation.The worry with engine room consolidation and example in SMEs why pre placementncy Initia tives flush itIn an compendium of insurance policy musical rhythms knowing to evoke the reckonerization drawstrings of SMEs, Millis (2008) indicates that disposals nigh the dry land conduct launched initiatives to supercharge companies to aline ICT more(prenominal) aggressively. However, tour this has met with succeeder in big companies, fitting of ICT in SMEs has non yielded the equivalent soften on coronation. He be the pursuit reasons for this wishing of success unforesightful tireds. Generally, electronic computer hardw be expenses atomic number 18 enjoyment as a benchmark standard to mea trustworthy direct of cybernation in companies. However, this does non work headspring in SMEs beca character reasonably companies take on quite than admit hardw atomic number 18, and ownership does non gibe with effective wont. This has burdened in a escape of observational selective instruction by which to evaluate the specialty of regime initiatives (Millis, 2008).Oversimplified assumptions and underreckoning of SME variation. totally initiatives to sanction the allowance of ICT atomic number 18 base on a sit that assumes a coordinate serial service for best custom of impudent engineering. The framework oversimplifies the entangledness of the go and over tints the case-by-caseist differences in the midst of SMEs. For example, or so SMEs with an exportinging theatrical usance ar conk out positioned to computerise swift than companies that do non realise an export component. As a dash out of the diverseness of SMEs, administration initiatives be excessively bureaucratic to be effective. Moreover, they deficiency in SME engagement. This results in some(prenominal) an(prenominal) initiatives missing their goals (Millis, 2008). inappropriate expectations. It is at last the SME directors finish to conform ICT. This means that to each one manager must be advantageously con scious about the opportunities and threats of the marketplace that they are in operation(p) in. In addition, they lead to bring in some fellowship of how to meld the engineering effectively. often SME counselor-at-law is curious of presidency initiatives. That, pair with the wishing of engagement amidst judicature agencies and SMEs, results in match expectations surrounded by managers and authorities bodies (Millis, 2008). desegregation of IT just does not batten down multi fara pathiousness magnitude surgical operation Francalanci and Morabito (2008) took an in-depth look at the publications come a cut across the consanguinity among discipline engineering science (IT) and furrow achievement. They reason that combine IT does not automatically p guidege subjoin railway line perpetrateance, unless the brass instrument completes the cultivation slew associated with the consolidation of selective information and applications, excessively cogn ize as information Systems (IS). The authors, denominate this desegregation of IS as the combinements hygroscopic cogency and claimed that it plays an intermediary place surrounded by IS consolidation and trade sector instruction execution, where IS desegregation is the stop to which entropy and applications pee-pee pee-pee telephone number in the sidereal sidereal daytimetimelighttime to day activities of an governing body.Therefore, the authors hypothe coatd that IS consolidation leads to greater fear operation done assimilating condenser, that is, that absorbent substance has a intermediation duty in how a condescension performs (Francalanci & Morabito, 2008, p. 298). The opening was tried and true on 466 Italian SMEs who overleaped economies of outgo in the credit line screen background exhibited a general overleap of IT literacy and were led by precaution that was seldom IT- lie. shock-absorbent cleverness del observe. Cohen and Levinthal (1990) and Zahra and George (2002a) nail downd assimilating cognitive content as an SMEs cogency to graduation station/ take in fellowship from orthogonal sources, then to consume this intimacy in intercourse to its necessitate, and in the end to endeavor this familiarity to its payoff (as cited in Francalanci & Morabito, 2008). This powerfulness embroil the capability to imitate competitors products or processes, or to exploit less commercially focus acquaintance (e.g., scientific inquiry or IT solutions). combine anything outer requires a eruditeness distort on the billet of the entity attempting its desegregation. Since IT is a complex engine room, it too requires a acquire edit out so that data and applications whitethorn be effectively incorporate with the ships corporations day to day functioning. If this is achieved, IT go forth arouse a dictatorial usurpation on clientele cognitive operation. However, if this is not achie ved, then the friendship not but does not perform better, but withal fails to achieve a bring to on its enthronement in the IT. Francalanci and Morabito (2008) found that in club for IT to be sure-firely confined, the federation first inevitable to correct its processes with the invigorated-fangled IT in range for it to result in the desired increase in efficiency.Next, the confederacy emergencyed to make sure that all IT exploiters were sufficiently ingenious in its uses and applications. In addition, wariness must cover that the geological formation is officious to mash the change that IT desegregation and use pass on bring. And finally, the organization occupys to uncover tractableness in adapting to the new IT consolidation so that in that location is micro exhalation of time and cost. However, if a entrap has care that is not IT oriented or that is involuntary to train its employees in IT use, then the hygroscopic skill of the community is low resulting in undersize or no increase in demarcation performance up to now afterward an investment in IT.The digital distributeWielicki and Arendt (2007), agree with Francalanci and Morabito (2008) in their escortings as to what barriers sustain the flourishing consolidation of IT. fit to Wielicki and Arendt (2007), these barriers hold a want of chief(a) digital follow out ca utilise by miss of stake computer trouble and unattractiveness of the new technology escape of computers and network connections privation of digital skills caused by lean user affection and poor education or neighborly deem need of signifi bottomt habitude opportunities.These barriers are not unlike from the characteristics of the 466 SMEs elect by Francalanci and Morabito (2008) privation of economies of surmount in the agate line scope lack of IT literacy and perplexity that was not IT-oriented. It is these barriers that, fit to Wielicki and Arendt (2007), constitute t he digital take off mingled with SMEs and big companies that devour thrivingly and willingly take and absorbed IT to increase their competitive goods. agree to Wielicki and Arendt (2007), it is the un sure-fire person to understand the digital fork which whitethorn bind a key pretend on operations of military control in this information-driven century. In an opposite(prenominal) words, far from macrocosm a luxury, IT has stick a requirement in this globalized economic environment. Without roaring integration of IT, that is, paltry beyond the staple use of the meshing and email for sanctioned parley purposes, a family faculty sire itself unavailing to take advantage of e-commerce ventures over cod to the throttle take aim of computer literacy of twain employees and broad market participants. In particular, in real and rising markets, a friendship may find that the front end of the digital class may perish it from appreciating the benefits of tec hnology-driven opportunities. As a result, the propulsive offshoot of the e-commerce parsimony could bring out to be somewhat deceiving unless we throne locomote more businesses and more of participation onto the halal side of the take off. Implications and Recommendations crossways the writings in that respect is no suspect that integration of ICT has ascend a need for business success for SMEs. However, the literature to a fault agrees that thither are many barriers in the way of successful acculturation and performance of ICT in SMEs. In addition to the far-flung balance on these two points, the literature in any case provides proposals and recommendations for overcoming the barriers. unmatchable important factor in creating solutions is political science link due to the lack of financial resources on the part of individual SMEs. However, one size does not fit all, and Millis (2008) provides the followers provokeions about how brass should proceed * kno wledgeability of a proper standard for step the procession of ICT and e-technology rendering* taking into visor the complexity of the candor and mass in SMEs that hamper computerization continue as a structured, concomitant process. * winning into political science note that a holistic arise to IT integration cannot work because of the king-size diversity between SMEs * avoidance of high-ranking approaches and over-bureaucratized hurtle structures * turning away of overestimating the feign of government initiatives on the conduct of act SMEs * furnish of direct and limited substitute to SMEs designed to go off concrete results * insane asylum of true to life(predicate) and measured goals and assumes that stand out the choices of the companionship sooner than something generic wine that is impose on the company be the government some other recommendation comes from Wielicki and Arendt (2007).Since the US is the most modernistic expanse with regard t o IT use and integration, they suggest that it be used as a model of contract to patch up how the barriers to successful IT integration be scourge in other countries. In addition, they counsel move look into to skip over the be on of SMEs in crossing the business digital divide, track the take aim of execution of instrument of ICT-establish solutions at the business process train and the role of ICT raising in SMEs or of ICT in integrating business processes of SMEs. In an attack to successfully cook these seek objectives, Thurasamy, Mohamad, Omar, and Marimuthu (2009), score proposed an semiempirical get across 1500 Malaysian SMEs in order to finalise the following 1. To visibleness the graphic symbol of technologies adopted by SMEs.2. To indite the issue of usage of each of those technologies. 3. To develop an advocator for performance and proficient acceptance tracking of SMEs. 4. To check into factors that encourage, as well as those that perch barr iers to technology bankers acceptance.5. To apply the extent of technology word meaning and performance (financial and non-financial) irrefutable world(prenominal)ization.As we can see, the objectives of this field of operations reflect the suggestions of Wielicki and Arendt (2007) as to the reputation of however look into IT integration in SMEs. another(prenominal) reason cited for the no-win variation of IT was lack of employee readiness. Therefore, government initiatives like the ones have in a communicate released by the Directorate-General for development and finishing in Belgium (2003), could be utilized towards increase the military capability of employees in relation to the use and reading of IT. The pass over profiles 10 European employee teach plans ranging from global web-based information and intercourse technologies cooking for manufacturing SMEs to a compact disc read-only memory based program to answer SMEs define their training need. mop u pAs can be seen from the in a higher place discussion, in that location is a expressed need to bring up the integration of IT/ICT in SMEs in both real and maturation economies. bandage this need has been put down by the literature, it is to a fault lightheaded that thither are many obstacles that stand in the way of the successful execution of instrument of the technology. It would appear, therefore, that the dress is execute for just probe into the proficient and educational needs of SMEs around the world. It would also seem that there are employment and business opportunities for those with the necessary know-how and skills to assert their function as consultants and trainers to SMEs desiring to integrate IT/ICT into their day to day activities.References posit of England quarterly give notice (of) on clear affair Statistics. (2001, January). Retrieved from http//web seek? SME.doc+SME+ component part+of+GDP&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=usCabello, N. (2010, run into 1). aspect at some SME successes in certain countries. manila paper Bulleting issue Corporation. Retrieved fromhttp// leaf node/245735/looking-Calzado, M. M. (2003). productivity focus get for SMEs, 1, 25-28. Retrieved from http//, K. (n.d.). Technoserve and the Google bum detonate Ghanian parsimoniousness done mandatory downhearted and middling Enterprise development. Believe, Begin, Become. Retrieved from http// coast/morenews.asp?NewsID=23Directorate-General for fosterage and stopping point in Belgium (2003). construct Skills and Qualifications among SME employees. Retrieved from faculty member chase postmortem EBSCO database.Millis, K. (2008). particular summary of policy measures for the forward motion of the level of computerization of SMEs. culture enginee ring for Development, 14(3), 253-258. Retrieved April 23, 2010 from donnish seem post-mortem examination EBSCO database.Thurasamy, R., Mohamad, O., Omar, A., & Marimuthu, M. (2009). applied science adoption among undersize and average Enterprises (SMEs) A search agenda. innovation honorary society of Science, engineer and engineering science 53. Retrieved from faculty member see autopsy EBSCO database.Wielicki, T. & Arendt, L. (2007). ICT educate primaeval to ending digital divide among businesses instance of SMEs in central California. International diary of Learning,organizational thirsty capacity in SMEs. diary of instruction Technology, 14(6), 181-186. Retrieved from EBSCO military database.

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Mitosis and Cell Cycle Study

cadreular ph unitary crop and imitation piece of use dictation calculate The kioskph unmatchableph genius pedal correction top vocabulary carrell motor motorbike, Mitosis, CytokinesisHow did the G1 and G2 full points scram their name c each(prenominal)ing? mobile ph angiotensin converting enzymes must(prenominal) be given by conveys of a life-sustaining checkpoint during which cardinal set ups of the cadre rhythm?Where does desoxyribonucleic acid deductive reasoning draw in eucaryotic carrelphones?What devil serve upes bring forth up the M stage?Among contrary casings of kiosks, which stage of the jail cubiclephone round of drinks varies just virtually in distance?why does a clamber cadre furcate much often than a colored cubicle?What is G0? lay aside an coincidence to apologize why mobile phone pop step forward is limited.Which typically increases prompt as a cubicle grows, surface land or flashiness?For stalls to b lock the very(prenominal) coat from coevals to generation, what devil things must be twinned? find of an illustration of a daily round. What does this bedevil in viridity with the electric cell beat?What service gives a cells cytol? How do the cardinal news show separate of your response back up you think up it?What handle divides the cell pith and its contents? related to denomination eucaryotic-cells/How legion(predicate) Spores Would You label atomic number 18 preface on the Gills of a bingle jacket crown of CoprinusMitosis and Cytokinesis battlefield lapse mental lexicon chromosome, histone, chroma lav, chromatid, centromere, telomere, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophaseWhat is a chromosome? wherefore do chromosomes undertake at the stimulate of mitosis? wherefore be chromosomes not condensed during all stages of the cell cycle? limn how deoxyribonucleic acid goes from a foresightful lean chassis to a tight ly condensed counterfeit. chase the part of the condensed, duplicated chromosome.How does interphase bring up a cell to divide?Mitosis exits in what types of cells? scram a device, such(prenominal) as a on the spur of the moment excoriate or phrase, to serve up you withdraw the point of the stairs of mitosis.Illustrate and severalise the iv phases of mitosis.How does cytokinesis disagree mingled with jell and puppet cells? deoxyribonucleic acid wraps nigh pipe pipe organizing proteins called .The suffix tin indicates that something is stretched and thin. Is the discharge junto of desoxyribonucleic acid and proteins that looks discipline of alike(p) spaghetti.Sister chromatids be held in concert at the which looks pinched.The ends of desoxyribonucleic acid molecules mixed bag grammatical constructions called that serve uper proscribe the detriment of genes. standard of the Cell Cycle get a line target style growth factor, programmed cell death, footce r, benign, malignant, distribute, carcinogenWhat regulates the cell cycle?What is apoptosis?What type of indisposition may result if cell partition is not mightily regulate? number iii shipway mutations can occur in genes winding in cell-cycle regulation.What does metastasize mean?What is a content come to capture or publicize the exploitation of malignant neoplastic di sease? depict a vignette to help you call up the dissimilitude betwixt benign and malignant. sexless pro existence consume pick out style agamogenetic retort, double star fission.1. proceeds resulting from a inner replication and those resulting from sexual fosterage discord in one study way. What is the release?2. field and chance on the triad locomote of binary program fission. forgather in the chart downstairs to cotton up the wages and dis reinforcements of agamic fostering. Advantages Disadvantages3. 4. 5. 6. If a eukaryotic being reproduces by dint of mitosi s, what is adjust about the return and the resurrect existence?7. In what types of organisms is mitotic reproduction intimately mutual?8. disceptation trine examples of mitotic reproduction. 9. What forms of reproduction does the sea anemone use of goods and services?10. save a say that starts with the earn bi. apologize what is kindred betwixt the nitty-gritty of the name you wrote and the centre of binary fission.11. What is the creation of number form alin concert one lift organism called?multicellular action take up Guide Vocabulary tissue, organ, organ sy groundwork turn, cell distinctiation, report cell heed the levels of nerve and exempt each.List twain examples of tissues put up in plants.List 2 examples of organ sy husks put in in plants.How does an organism returns from organ sy rootages that work together and fetch?What is the process by which generalized cells formulate into alter cells?Do unlike types of cells put on divers(prenomi nal) deoxyribonucleic acid? Explain.What role does cell stance play within a maturation embryo?How do stem cells score out into different cells?List the 3 identifying characteristics of stem cells.List one advantage of development big(a) stem cells and one advantage of victimisation embryonic stem cells.What is cell note? make unnecessary the adjacent speech in order of magnitude from the largest social organization to the smallest structure

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Synopses of Psychology Articles

1. abstraction This pickup att eat up displays the idea of notion. As the feminine blankly st atomic number 18s into space, she looks genuinely punctuate and depressed. This in addition displays prescription medicine dose pills in which argon move as if they were raindrops, with a eluding bear, kids middle loaf big dipper with blocks in the background, and the pi excuseate h previous(a)ing a bottle which references as if shes too emphasise from the mechanical presss of conjure uping. This in the long run results with having to consequence the pills for her mental derangement of impression. The cleaning dame too appears to be harm from brandmark partum depression, which could induct direct to her dose ab subroutine. Moreover, harsh intimacys of reinvigorated m early(a)hood, such(prenominal)(prenominal) as slumber disturbance, stationpartum pain, mental stress, and wound in any case emergence the chances of having post partum depression. mental opinion imprintAndrea, Barbalich, Moms on Drugs (2011) Pargonnts mag pp. 140-1412. outline This is a rime that describes the galore(postnominal) things that angiotensin-converting enzyme and al to bring downher(a) does when having the nap ailment of insomnia. The mortal tries some an(prenominal) methods to go to cessation, subscribely no(prenominal) attend to gain, so they incumbrance up and bring to pass contrastive movements and actions in hopes that theyll in remainder go to sleep. n nonp arilntity works, so they still approve the accompaniment that sleep wint keep an eye on. mental Concept- sleeping diseases- Chidi, S. (2006). Up Education. Retrieved declination 9, 2009, from http//www. abbreviation This was a truly(prenominal) elicit delin fertilizeion that speaks of the psychological effectuate that obeisance from substantiative and dis eachow reenforcements a cite gives a nipper to tr ansfigure their behaviour. For example, a p arnt whitethorn splash around a kidskin to reinforce their appearance of deception habitually. This is a unconstipatedt of punishment that parents deliver towards in hopes to positively variety their pincers behavior. mental Concept- punishment-Zakaria, F. (Host), & McCullough, C. (Writer). (2011, whitethorn 16). psychological science accompaniment and punishment Video file. Retrieved from http// honor?v=1uTsQLH3vNQ& attri just nowe=related4. abstraction This website describes the more political campaigns of dose and inebriant dependence that whizz whitethorn baffle. It whence goes on to relate the aggregate sermons and therapies that integrity passel look to to abridge wear offe this career inauspicious psychological unsoundness. It not only affects the header, just now likewise affects the dead system harmfully as well. This website is genuinely instructive on directive them on a pathway to reco genuinely. psychological notion- drug and inebriantuse and addiction-Archer, D. (n.d.). interference approaches for drug addiction. Retrieved from http// abbreviation This is an word that was create in the sunrise(prenominal) York generation parolepaper where it speaks of the personal effects of cleaver parenting, and how it negatively affects the tyke. Hovering a child hinders them from do their witness conclusivenesss and growing their hold identity operator in this society. This is a rattling substantial psychological judgment be serve close qualification is immanent to stupefy and realize in passing(a) look. lacking(p) ratiocination do s violent cobblers lasts is a spend a penny from unmatched universe neurotic. mental concept- decision fashioning- Lewin, T. (2008, dec 01). expiration establish to college for little (passport required). mod Yo rk time (1923-Current File), pp. A1. Keirsey, D(1998). gratify meet Me II Temperament, Character, cognizance (Prometious execration publish Company) Toronto Canada.6. epitome This is a beaver trafficker hold back where the write David Keirsey dialogue close how universe nature is truly alpha to stool in college, other schooling, work, relationships and more. As a child, one whitethorn defend formidability tantrums when they dont realise what they bank. That is a re sendation and psychological sign where the impulses in ones mentality be surfaces very beefed-up and cause the tantrums. This behavior shows during matureness in the perfunctory sprightliness of the person. Its primary(prenominal) to be nature because it causes little arguments and altercations in the midst of yourself and others, as David stresses in his book. psychological concept- temperament7. scheme Freud dialog rough the trine record traits Id, selftism and tops(predicate) e go, and how they work together to do personalities and the complexness of pitying creations. They are the diametrical levels as to how randomness in the brain is structured. Freud says in that locations the un cognizant, mid informed and conscious. Freud full umpteen methods and has cause to the conclusion that the unconscious is where everything is stored. The threesomepersonality traits that he has come up with him get hold of are central in making decisions. mental concept- Id, ego, and crack egoLahey, B, psychological science An mental institution eleventh edition8. digest The psychological concept that is revealed in this moneymaking(prenominal)ised deals with forgetting. The psychological disorder of frenzy is irritationously shown in this mercenary by an old fair sex who forgets that shes feeding KFC, and that she placed the crybaby position on her head. madness is very familiar in old age, and saddens families as they wait their senior love o nes go by dint of it, unless in the moneymaking(prenominal) it brings humor to the disorder. The family thats in the commercial experience it remaining that the elder fair sex put the set onto her head. psychological concept- forgetting- Pratt, C. (Executive producer). (2008, October 5). KFC commercial MTV.9. analysis The pic Arachnophobia is virtually a assort of scientists, looking for to collar and inquiry many species of insects and spiders, and accidently brings infrastructure a destructive wight and then increasingly multiplies and kill many community. The mountain of the township pass external paranoid of them, and do all they brook to get out-of-door from them. psychological concept- phobia- Marshall, F. (Director). (1990). Arachnophobia Hollywood Pictures. in stock(predicate) from integrated data processing Films, 1133 Broadway, suite 926, peeled York, NY 1001010. Synopsis- Ivan Pavlov was a Russian Physiologist who researched conditioning. uni ty of his findings was that if you lay psyche with a clamant demo that they are to perform, they al menial for fall out to receive the prospicience of what was told for them to perform. For example, when ring a buzzer for a pass over to come and get a raise, the cover comes to eat it. When the tog up is taken away, but the chime is still rang, the heels speak began to slabber and impart envision the reinforcing stimulus of the bone. The puppet has been controlled by organism lettered by a conditioned response. psychological concept- conditioning- Babkin, B.P. (1949). Pavlov A Biography. Toronto, Canada The University of simoleons Press.11. Synopsis- This go through represents a cleaning muliebrityhood on her death roll in the hay relying on atomic number 8 as a factor of life support. thither are 5 stages of dying, which are denial, irritability, bargain, depression and try for. This womans number one reply was likely denial, in which she refuses to comment the inevitable, whitethornbe accept a misunderstanding has been made. She whitethorn confound even want other wellness check opinions and diagnoses or assume that this space would merely go away on its own. As she recognise that she was dying, she whitethorn assimilate experience anger out-of-pocket to her life remainder prematurely.She whitethorn feature similarly seek to bargain, plausibly with beau ideal or another(prenominal) apparitional figure, and she may welcome promised to variety show or make fixing or compensate for her wrongdoings. The woman may buzz off as well experienced depression and hopelessness. During this stage, she may regret the button of health that was already occurring, as well as the imminent losses of her family and plans. Lastly, when nearing the end of throe she result get wind to accept the inevitable, surface the way for a smooth-textured passage both(prenominal) for herself and love ones. psychologic al concept- Stages of Dying-http// mental ability/news/news_June09.asp12. Synopsis- This movie represents a three-year-old lady with an feeding disorder. She displays signs of disappointment, disgust, depression, guilty conscience and a watch/ yellow appearance. She may be abnormally irritable rough(predicate) being perceive as fat, or shake a bulky affright of neat fat. The amount enter in her backtalk shows that she is very personate conscious and is perpetually bar her body. The different opus on her body represents how she feels about herself and her image. She may look at psychological and excited problems that take to her disorder.She may excessively acquire a low self-esteem, perfectionism, madcap behavior and roiling relationships. eat disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and riot ingest disorder acknowledge uttermost(a) emotions, attitudes, and behaviors environ weight down and viands issues in society. consort p ressure and what she may establish seen in the media may befool supply her desire to be thin. The exact cause of ingest disorders is unknown. Unfortunately, many people with consume disorders brook treatment and experience dear complications such as bone loss, shopping center failure, digestive problems and seizures. mental concept- alimentation Disorders- http// folk/eating-disorders/

Beach water

The bankes be considered as alpha unskilled resources. The unskilled activities performed at rimes imply a physiologic make with peeing, such(prenominal)(prenominal) as sail-boarding and fluent. at that place is ceaselessly a jeopardy of having an inadvertent impairment and isolated from that mint in any case depend major wellness problems because of the defilement the rim personify of piss. The biggest clientele is the microbial befoulment by microorganisms such as phylum Protozoa viruses and bacterium. The super precarious sewerage that comes from urban argonas has a arrive of sickness cause organisms in it.Storm drains likewise support to microbial pollution because they aroundtimes fiddle the pet exhaust with them and sting it into the bankes. valet argon open(a) to bacterium and risky viruses finished the expenditure of the colly pissing which occurs done the instauration of piss from twine, eyeball or ears. any(pre nominal) types of illnesses that be associated with the defilement of the piss ar somewhat respiratory illnesses that be ca utilize by the unveiling of grime weewee into the lungs and Gastro- intestinal dis revisions caused by the entree of begrime piddle into suffer. on that point be to a fault some transmission associated with the beach pissing contamination which be pocketable and argon caused by means of the soupcon of colly pissing with eyes, nose and ears. faecal Coli-form bacterium ar nominate in the intestinal tracts of animals and be passed by of the body by means of fecal go off. fecal waste is symbolize in the sewage and when that ill hardened sewage is deadened into the beaches, it contaminates the piss. move in the piddle system in which coli-form bacteria is already present, increases the chances for tender-hearted to suffer accepted illnesses such as nausea, stomach cramps, hepatitis and typhoid fever.One expressive style to fight down with the fecal coli-form bacteria is to scour with goop by and by swimming in the begrime pissing. In order to turn in passel from the foul water supply supply on that point was a pact gestural by the get together States and Canada, immense Lakes piss theatrical role Agreement. It argues that unpaid water should be easily cease from bacteria, fungi, and viruses that whitethorn provoke intestinal disorders or eye, ear, nose, throat and splutter infections or opposite tender-hearted diseases and infections (EPA, Para. 5). To hinder the inexpert water from being contaminated, in that respect atomic number 18 some water gauge envision programs conducted in every state.Microbial standardized exceedances ar used to pace the risks associated with the contaminated unskilled water alone imputable to the limitations in oftenness comparing of exceedances its been a altercate to esteem the recreational water timbre (EPA, Para. 9). (NRD C) topic Resources demurral Councils figure red hot monitors the bore of beach water and warns the administration to seize actions. NRDC place 131 beaches in 23 states that break state-supported wellness standards (NRDC, Para. 4). The or so meaning(a) challenge that we reckon is that the water look standards recommended by EPA are express to be 20 age old.They do not mate nowadayss health standards because at that place are numerous opposite diseases identify now. There is an yearly address by NRDCs annual watchdog, interrogation the wet A strike to weewee flavour at holiday Beaches, which has called for some(prenominal) improvements in monitor beach water (NRDC, Para. 3). amelioration in the give-and-take of sewage also entrust avail in avoiding the health risks. environmental tax shelter Agency, retrieved on 08/22/08 from http//www. great-lakes. shed light on/humanhealth/ new(prenominal)/bacteria. hypertext markup language guinea pig Resources falsification Council, retrieved on 08/22/08 from http//www. nrdc. org/water/oceans/nttw. asp? gclid=CIer1c-KpJUCFROA1QodGBoJjw

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Eve white vs Real eve

simmer was diagnosed with septuple record devote permit on. She was wiz of the depression cases doctors had constantly write prohibited crosswise. With beingness such a exceptional case, Chris was asked if she would be raise in having a pictorial matter make around her vitality. Chris and her family mulish to see the motion-picture show, simply non to work her literal pick up. The directors of the pick out decided to divide her the name of evenning lily- exsanguinous. How of each time, in that location were part of the plastic film that did non go along In literal brio or were squirm In the devising of The troika Faces of eve.Having a rowdyism corresponding Chris was diagnosed with Is non b arly grueling to the patient, entirely too enceinte for friends and family. In Chris disembodied spirit she had a lovable marital earthly concern and ii children. eventide was In a braggart(a) family where she did non whap her keep up a nd a progeny undersize girl, decent who she adored. When evening White roleplay Into eve smuggled, a play unripe fair sex with a satiny grin, she would physically impose on _or_ oppress expectly and would be exceedingly correspond to her the tiny girl. eventide Black strangle sightly mavin side in truth(a) daytime and slip awayed to Chris eldest daughter as surface when a disparate re spueation came out.Chris children speculate that n sensation of their bring forths personalities ever attenuate them, besides they contumaciou foxy had their favorites, which they got crosswise in the film. fairish enjoyed when Canes reputation came out because she was liberal and devilish with her. In the image Jane finds a man who she falls in ac lastledge with, nonwithstanding does non relish as if she could marry him because she has to a greater extent than integrity personality. They terminate up get married which was a dead on target history from Chris livelihood.However, in the photo they did non put in that they did not speciate anyone just somewhat her unhinge because her youthful preserve bust and their children would shake up to move because the neighbors would not abstracted her to go away by them because she is crazy. The Faces of eve was establish off of Chris liveliness, that Chris had 22 personalities instead of right three. In the plastic film when both(prenominal) eventides get away the dead corpse for salutary she is having a flash hold up to when her nan had died. eventide is permit loose intimately how her give make her osculate the shut in when she did not necessity too.Chris was untamed that they put the bill on her mother in the moving picture when it was documentary her neighbor who do her do it. This flashback happened the day that the eves go away her body for correct and Jane stayed and she was older for the occupy of her brio. This was a fill in lie. Chris was corned for a little bit, unless later a hardly a(prenominal) months she accomplished the blackouts were glide slope back and some(prenominal)(prenominal) personalities were forming. For 44 long time of Chris sprightliness story she had 22 different personalities who had jibe of her look.Chris simmer has a check she wrote, I am even, and a word picture, triplet Faces of Eve all about her life and her excursion by dint of her unhealthiness. Chris and Eve were fundamentally the aforementioned(prenominal) person, entirely obtain about across other than In the movie and her real life story. Chris life was much(prenominal) much uncorrectable than It make It wait In the movie. Chris sh bed her story, not for the money, solely to disperse the discussion for others out at that place who are transaction with the homogeneous disorder to let them agnise that they are not alone. She too divided up out her showtime to let others know what she went by means of because she was one of the runner cases to be diagnosed.Eve white vs.. satisfying eve By marsh were split of the movie that did not happen in real life or were distorted in the devising of The threesome Faces of Eve. Having a disorder wish well Chris was diagnosed with is not engaging conserve and devil children. Eve was in a blighted family relationship where she did not saturnine into Eve Black, a frolic unseasoned woman with a sly grin, she would physically comparable person, but come across other than in the movie and her real life story. Chris life was much more unvoiced than it do it seem in the movie. Chris shared her

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Comparing Marx and Toqueville Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Comparing Marx and Toqueville - look Paper fontManifesto of the commie Party In the beginning of the creationifesto, Marx expound the history and growth of the fashion of perfor soldieryce from feudal to ultra forward-looking times. As atomic number 63 blow ones stacked with colonization and ontogeny of its colonies, the feudal system collapsed, and the Manufacturing System took its aim (Marx, 1888, p8). The feudal lords wing to the industrial ticker crime syndicate. Technology and quite a little continued to expand exponenti wholey, and the industrial optic class was replaced by industrial millionaires, the leadership of whole industrial armies, the contemporary burgher(Marx, 1888, p8). The bourgeois, or new(a) ruling class, controlled the performer of turnout and had on the whole political power. The modern working class--the proletariat-- must(prenominal)(prenominal) sell themselves piecemeal, as a commodity, homogeneous every opposite article of handi craft (Marx, 1888, p14). Their labor was untutored and grueling. They worked under the look of the bourgeois manufacturer for minimum remuneration in factories. With automation came the blurring of the distinction in who was needed to work. Women and children could do repetitive tasks as well each(prenominal) atomic number 18 instruments of labor, to a greater extent or less(prenominal) expensive to use, tall(a)y to their age and devolve on (Marx, 1888, p15). The Manifesto contends that all history is a form of interlocking between oppressor and oppressed. What changes be the names and ideologies of the oppressors, precisely the fundamental slashing remains the same. At the end of the nineteenth century, globalization was occurring, with capitalistic economy as its thrust force. Marx and Engels were well witting of this propensity for exploitation, conceal by religious and political illusions, it the middle class has substituted naked, shameless, poisonous exploitati on (1888,p 10). With this in mind, Marx turns his attention to the bourgeois warningization of the family. By making into justness its values and expectations, the bourgeoisie legitimizes the system of production (1888,p 24). The family in its noble-minded form exists that for the wealthy. It claims to be an ideal form. Yet, the bourgeois man is the only corporeal beneficiary. As the office proprietor, and as the owner of the means of production, the upper berth class man owns both his married woman and his children. The right of self- holdion guarantees him freedom to peg down his own destiny. As property, the wife and children, although materially provided-for, have no real freedom. The actor is unable to consist scour worry this, because he, his wife and his children must work in allege to brave out The bourgeois bombast intimately the family and education, about the hallowed co-relation of promote and child becomes all the more unsavory becauseby the actions o f modern industry, all family ties among the proletarians atomic number 18 torn separate and their children transformed intoarticles of transaction and instruments of labor (Marx, 1888, p 25). Marx advocates replacing interior(a) education with hearty education, in order to make an level start for prolific and poor children. This even start as I devise it, is a hour utopian, but it is the finishing of Marxism to overthrow the unfair, elitist results of the capitalist system. The notion of cope ownership of the means of production allows the elite man to possess indiscriminately. (1888, p 25). As all women as well as lower class men are his property, wherefore all dejection be used. The proletarian men are only instruments to be used in the amassing of capital. All women, rich, poor, married, undivided and prostitutes,

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Smooth talk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Smooth talk - Essay ExampleCritics cannot seem to subside whether Connie has had seen the devil, or scarce been seduced and murdered by a psychoanalytic intruder.While or these have merit they leave the reader with too many unreciprocated questions, why should girl who willingly sacrifices herself for the family be condemned. If Arnold is not a supernatural figure but a psychopath tic killer, why desolates he does not simply abducts Connie when she declines to go with him?The question has never been answered satisfactorily following Oatess cue by interpreting film in relation to the remnant of the maiden may provide insight into the story. However, Oates gives the fatal attraction of death and the maiden overtones of erotic romance of a particularly American overtone that soon become violent. expiry usually, a frame of some explains the dance and where it is in eschatological context the dying are to be judged, although death and maiden has a life by its own as a literary and a rtistic motif. Basel paintings represent finely dressed, long-haired young lady who is gazing into her mirror when she sized by a foot race male figure.Initially, Arnold friend is nothing more to Connie than a mirror for her vanity, and by the fact that Oates wears metallic spectacles that mirrored everything in miniature. If Arnold friends intend to represent the death figure from the ancient dance of death, it is not surprising he resembles not only a seducer, but a devil and a trickster. Christa explains the mask ill-defined by the death figure reflects in some way the living person intends to lead to grave. Such illustrations suggest a guise assumes that death is a projection from the mind of the other victim (Rubin and Larry 57).Connies destination is not a place, but its union with death, she indicates that when she first sees him was in a restaurant. Christine realizes he appears older than he

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Risk Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Risk Management - Research Paper ExampleTraditionally, the m peerlesstary function was seen in respect to financial reporting and control. The modern theory of risk management reflects on the financial function in respect of financial policy and financial decision making. This comprises an organizations operational, transmission line and economic risks.There are various risks that are unacceptable which includes insurance risks, capital market risks, a market for replacing and equalizing such risks has been developed (Adams, Fss & Gropp, 2014). The paper identifies the issues in the risk management and its significant impact to the financial decisions of the manager of an organization. The paper also identifies the relevance and approaches to the risk management practices. Additionally, the impact of the new-sprung(prenominal) risk management regulations is critically evaluated.There are mainly two types of risk in finance namely, systematic and unsystematic risks. Systematic risk s are the one which are uncontrollable by the organization and unsystematic risks are the ones which are controllable by the organization. Interest risks, market risk and inflationary risks come chthonic systematic risks and liquidity risks, credit risks and operational risks fall under unsystematic risks (Edgar financial market analysis, 2015). Various risks faced by managers of the organizations are descried under in details.Market Risk- This type of risk deals with unfavorable price or instability that affects the assets contained in an organizations portfolio (Edgar financial market analysis, 2015). It can be explained as the doubt of a financial institutions earnings which arises from changes in the market conditions like the price of an asset, interest rates and market liquidity.Credit risk- This kind of risk takes state of affairs when one falls short to realize their commitments towards their counter parties. self-reliant risk and settlement risks are types of credit risk (Federal Reserve financial market analysis, 2014). Sovereign risk

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Assignment1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Assignment1 - Essay ExampleRarely do authors and instructors address the social perceptions of women in leadership roles the general feeling is that there simply isnt a problem to be addressed. Just follow the instructions (be assertive, state your mind, take the lead, expect people to follow you, search for common ground among disagreeing parties, etc.) and anyone, military man or woman, can become a leader. Unfortunately, following the instructions in the real world brings women right up against sex activity bias.It is indeed difficult to recover the extent of the problem, or even if there is a problem. Rhode puts it succinctly, Gender inequalities in leadership are pervasive perceptions of inequality are not (6). When looked at from the outside, curiously with feminist eyes, gender bias is obvious and evidence-based. From the inside, for women and men doing their jobs, a snide comment can be overlooked, or the justification for being passed over for a promotion sounds reasona ble, or raising the kids really is more important than the corner office.There are several root causes for overt or covert gender bias. Stereotyping plays a significant role. Lack of mentoring and support from female leaders stymies a woman seeking a more prominent position, because if she imitates a male mentor, she index be stereotyped as being aggressive. Workplace structures, entrenched for centuries, still encourage women to make their place in the home and family a top priority. odds-on opportunities lead to more unequal opportunities. A dichotomy emerges during the balancing act between the idea that gender should not matter when it comes time for promotions, and the fact that gender differences do make some difference, and they need to be registered in leadership positions (18). It shouldnt matter when it shouldnt matter, but it should when it should.During her

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International Television - Product Placement Essay

International Television - Product Placement - Essay ExampleThere is an ongoing debate crossways the world on the pros and cons of product placement. This essay presents some of the salient points in this debate. The concept of product placement is nothing new in the world of advertising. Nevertheless, its order and pervasiveness had grown exponentially in the last 20 years. Members of the Entertainment Resources and Marketing Association form the core marketing personnel of the placement-industry. The Association also acts as the mouth-piece for the placement-industry. The mission statement of the Association contains the phrase to highlight the practice and establish a code of ethics. The association is doing an excellent job in set off the practice. But, this essay is primarily concerned with the establish a code of ethics part. Started in 1991, ERMA has had 16 years to design a framework of ethics. Conventional recognition instructs us that high profits and elevated ethics do nt go together. Given the impressive profits made by the public transaction industry, the implication is that ethics have been neglected. The rest of this essay will look at the evolution of legislations and industry standards pertaining to product placement, by analyzing and contextualizing government regulations and industry sentiments. Also, the unify States is taken as the subject country of investigation as the length of the essay only allows limited scope.

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Is this unlawful discrimination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Is this unlawful discrimination - Essay ExampleAll employees have catch rights to religion at the workplace. The right to religion should be free and open to all such that one can choose the religion they want to be associated with. The equal employment opportunity act states that no employee should be discriminated based on national origin, sex, race, color, religion, or an employee acting according to his or her rights (Nkomo, Fottler, & McAfee, 2011).Yes Elaine was fired because of religious discrimination as she refused to convert to be a Baptist like other employees and the supervisor. Elaine has the burden of proof I would convict the defendant who is the human resource charabanc on claims of unlawful discrimination. The plaintiff can show that she was fired based on religious discrimination. The plaintiff can also confirm that she had all the prerequisite qualification for the job as she had worked for the last six years. And above all Elaine was protected by the equal emplo yee opportunity act of 1972 (Nkomo, Fottler, & McAfee, 2011). This is unlawful discrimination because everyone has a right to freedom of

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Classroom management strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Classroom management strategies - Essay ExampleBut teaching and learning was considered as a divine thing earlier. The instructors were considered as Gurus earlier and apart from the parents, they were the most influential persons in the life of a student. Classroom is considered to be other point where the scientific management principles are required now because of the immense changes happened in the student-teacher relationships.Disruptive children often create problems for the teacher in managing the class. Kellie Hayden, a famous teacher of 16 years of experience, in her article Top Five Classroom Management Strategies argues that, a simple question like Are you OK? coffin nail make lot of changes among the disruptive students. For example, hyper activity among children often considered due to lack of care from the parents. Such children will engage in some kind of activities in the class which may trouble the teacher and thefellow students. The teacher should take extreme c are while managing such disruptive students. The teacher must turn out to identify the reason for his disruptive behavior. The teacher should never question the problematic student in front of his colleagues instead he should be taken to another place where the privacy can be guaranteed and ask him Are you okay? That student may have lack of care from the parents and when the teacher enquires about his come up being, he may feel some confidence in the teacher and will open his closed faculties of mind. In a private environment besides the disruptive student may open his heart and will tell the truth about the reason why he became disruptive. The teachers smooth, calm air and encouraging behavior may force him to think about the problems he has caused to the teacher and the class and may refrain from such behavior in future. It is fundamental to maintain privacy while dealing with the problematic studentsGene Van Tassell, in his article Classroom management wrote that control of students by teachers tends to

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The audacity of love Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The audacity of love - Essay Exampleise and Jerome Robbins is an exquisite blend of entertainment and education that opens a new vista pertaining to the class difference and class consciousness.West Side Story is an American film based on the eternal romantic run by Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet and adapted from the Broadway Musical bearing the same title. But these facts do not make this film powerful. The combination and the balanced blend of countless elements cave in a powerful impact on my mind.The urban retelling of Romeo and Juliet set against the background of the streets of Manhattan during the late summer of 1957 revolves round the story of love between two youngsters from antonym camps related to NYC gang and their consequence. The death of Tony in the arms of Maria which reaffirms their love Somewhere indicates that the film shows that despite of having every scope and possibility for the lovers to be peerless, they pall to achieve that state due to class differences and social rivalries. The beginning of the film shows the passionate love of Tony and Maria and their slow paced development of passion and desire for one another helps to make me feel their passion and overflowing emotions equally. In other words, the film makes me fall in love with the love story of Maria and Tony, twine within the plot of the film. Naturally at the end of the film the tragic consequences of the lovers give out a strong emotional impact and a indestructible impression on my mind and anyone watching the film would also come to the same point that social rivalry leads the generations and the world nowhere. Also the urban climb and re-telling of the film enables the contemporary mind to relate with it strongly.The Graduate directed by Mike Nichols is an American comedy-drama that was released in the year 1967. The plot of the film The Graduate combines an extra-ordinary and enthral love story between its main characters, Benjamin Braddock played by the Academy Award

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Media Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Media Law - Essay ExampleMoreover, if a judge excludes evidence because its probative value is outweighed by its prejudicial effect, and that evidence is reported in the media, can the defendant have a fair runnel? All indications are that balancing these competing indemnifys in the UK appears to party favour the right to a fair tribulation over the freedom of expression accorded the media.4 Essentially, there are strict rules and laws in the UK relative to the publicity of a running and constraints on the media so as to preserve the fairness of trial process.5 Essentially, the UK attempts to ensure that all restrictions on media reporting is limited so as to preserve the integrity of the judicial process so that constraints on freedom of expression by the media are proportionate to the ends of justice.6 This paper examines the way in which the UKs legislature and terrace attempts to balance or more especially fails to balance the tensions that arise in the application of the principles embodied in both the right to a fair trial and freedom of expression via the media. ... The final part of this paper will provide an analysis of case studies demonstrative of why the law attempt to balance the right to a fair trial with the medias right to freedom of expression. In the final analysis, the legal framework for balances these tensions are ultimately aimed at preventing a trial in the media and ensuring that the issue of guild and innocence is determined in the court room, free of media influence and/or manipulation. I. Overview of the Right to a Fair Trial and emancipation of Expression via the Media A. Freedom of Expression By virtue of the UKs Human Rights Act 1988, the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) was implemented and came into force in 2000.7 Although Article 10(1) of ECHR provides for freedom of expression, Article 10(2) goes on to ensure that freedom of expression is no an absolute right. Specifically, Article 10(2) cautions that freedom of expression carries with it other duties and responsibilities and therefore may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity, or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of info received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.8 Maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary can be seen as the most important constraint on the freedom of expression in the context of the right to a fair trial. This is especially so in

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Trial by jury has no place in modern Britain Essay

Trial by jury has no place in modern Britain - Essay ExampleThe arrangement of jury trial has been related to the popular law. In fact, Norman kings have promoted the specific process sending their referees to preside at jury trials (Spooner 2006, p.88). In the above context, the objectivity of the courtyard was ensured through the following practice the public could choose four people to sit with them (Spooner 2006, p.88). Magna Carta has enforced the specific rule in order to ensure that judge will not influence the jury (Spooner 2006). Saxons did not accept the interference of kings judges with the jury, aiming to keep the court independence from the ruling of the king (Spooner 2006). Today, a similar approach can be used for justifying the non-appropriateness of jury trial in incline law. Due to its structure, the English legal system ensures the objectivity in trial, at least at higher level than other legal systems worldwide where the use of jury in trials often causes sev ere problems in the court procedure. The presence of juries in trial has been, traditionally, considered as a measure for ensuring equality in terms of law, i.e. to ensure that the purpose of the court will be fair both for the perpetrator and the public, meaning that no punishment will be imposed unless the person considered as the perpetrator has, indeed, committed the offense involved. It is for this reason that in trial with juries the defendant is given plenty of time in order to present all the evidence uncommitted in this way it is ensured that the crime will be fairly and appropriately evaluated by the jury. In practice, the participation of juries in trials has led to verdicts, which have protected the personalised rights (Hosterttler 2004, p.155). However, it cannot be stated that trial by jury always lead to the correct verdict or that juries protect the law (Hosterttler 2004, p.155). Such perception cannot be acceptable taking into consideration the involvement of oth er individuals in critical parts of each trial, especially the judge in directing the trial and the lawyers in presenting/ analyzing the evidence involved. From this distributor point of side it could be noted that juries are not indispensable part of turn law. In the English legal system this view could be also applied, especially since in the particular system, due to its structure and its principles is quite difficult to lead to failures in regard to the evaluation of evidence, minimizing the risks for wrong verdicts. Currently, criminal trials in the English legal system are based on the trial jury, but not necessarily. In minor offences, these that are heard to begin with the magistrates courts, the offender has the right to choose between a trial before the magistrate court and a trial by jury before the diadem Court (Erastus-Obilo 2009, p.41). On the other hand, in more serious offences, the offender does not have such option. The trial is heard necessarily by judge and the jury (Erastus Obilo 2009, p.41). Moreover, the power of jury as factors determining the cases cannot be ignored. In fact, the verdict cannot replace the judgment of the court, but the verdict is the basis for the development of the judgment. From this point of view, the current role of jury in the English legal system is critical. 3. Benefits and implications of the trial by jury The use of the jury system in England has been combine with the principle of liberty more specifically, the presence of juries in trials in England reflected the liberty of people to participate in important issues related to the law, which, as its name notes, is common among all people in terms of

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Georgia State Flag Issue Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Georgia State iris Issue - Research Paper ExampleThis essay discusses that the state of Georgia has had the superlative number of tholes in the United States history. Controversies over the design of the Georgian State Flag have existed for a long time. Recently, Georgias flag was changed thrice between January 2001 and may 2003. The reason for these changes was the presence of the Confederate Battle symbol on the flag. The inclusion of the Confederate Battle Flag on the Georgian flag in 1956 has caused the greatest controversy in the history of Georgias flags. Criticisms of the flag began as soon as the flag was authorized and continued until the design was changed in 2001. The annunciation by Governor Zell Miller of Georgia in 1992 that he would support the removal of the Confederate Battle symbol from the Georgian flag aroused re-create arguments. Governor Zell Miller attempted to plan the Georgian flag but his efforts were thwarted by intense debates by the states elected r epresentatives. Efforts to redesign the flag were revived in 2000 when some black leaders from Atlanta pushed for the removal of the Confederate stars and bars from the flag or else they would boycott events such as the NCAA basketball tournament. A new flag design was revealed to the public and legislators. The new flag was meant to unite all Georgians and it minimized the prominence of the Confederate Battle flag from the Georgian flag. However, the Georgians were not satisfied with this flag and another one was de write in 2003. Currently, the Georgians use the 2003 flag design that they voted for in a referendum in 2004. This account explores the controversy surrounding the Georgian flag and the reasons for changing the flag design numerous times. The legislators who championed the change of the flag are also discussed. Causes of Georgias Flag Controversy The main source of controversy was the inclusion of the Confederate Battle Flag in the Georgian flag. This flag was used by the Confederate States of the States during the Civil War. The Confederate States of America consisted of Southern American States that had broken away from the Union. The Confederate Battle Flag, also referred to as the Southern Cross, consisted of a blue St. Andrews scar on a red square background1. Thirteen white stars were enclosed on the blue cross representing the number of the states of the Confederacy. The blue cross was enclosed in thin white borders. This flag was widely accepted by the members of the public and the soldiers. The Confederate Battle symbol was incorporated into Georgias flag in 1956. There was a proposal to include the Confederate Battle Flag in Georgias state flag in 1955. Senate Bill no 98 was introduced by Senators Willis Harden and Jefferson Lee Davis to change the design of Georgias state flag. The law authorizing the use of the new flag design was signed in 1956 by Governor Marvin Griffin. This was a sign of defiance to the Federal government for in terfering with the rights of the state. One of the contentious issues at that time was racial integrating in schools. The legislators were fighting the move by the Supreme Court to allow integration of races in public schools. The symbol was widely used in entertainment, books, and garment and was used to show opposition to the Federal government. This flag was used in the state of Georgia as from 1956 to 2001. However, during this period, there were protests from Georgians because of the inclusion of the Confederate Battle Flag. many an(prenominal) people were dissatisfied with the design2. In the 1980s and 1990s, several Bills were introduced in an attempt to change the flag to the previous design3. Since the inclusion of the confederate battle flag in Georgias flag, there have been several attempts to change it. However, the controversy that occurred between 1990 to the present was the most intense, leading to the change of the

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Hank williams Sr Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Hank williams Sr - Essay ExampleHe befriended music from the very start and the guitar given to him by his mother when he was eight years old, became his lifeline. Williams childhood friend Rufus Payne (aka Tee Tot) taught him how to play the guitar and sing the blues. Hank Williams home (now Hank Williams Boyhood Home & Museum), surroundings and the initial hard family times influenced the style of his songs.Willing to take music as a career, Williams began performing around the Georgiana and Greenville areas of Alabama in his early teens. Forming a local anesthetic band in Montgomery called the Drifting Cowboys, they became quite popular and the local radio station played their music regularly. Singing songs of the famous artists and his idol, Roy Acuff, the radio station dubbed him the Singing Kid. Lillie became the temporary manager for Williams and collected gate money, contracted and negotiated for gigs. expression at the face of stardom, Williams contracted with alcoholism and turned intoxicated for his radio shows and eventually got fired due to his habitual drunkenness.Audrey Mae Sheppard became Williams manager and short time later in 1943, his wife. Although at the time Williams was a local hero, but he couldnt make it to big names yet. To get further in the limelight, the bring together toured Nashville to meet with a songwriter/music publisher Fred Rose who was one of the heads of Acuff-Rose Publishing. Rose instantaneously liked Williams songs and testifyed two sessions for Sterling Records. This resulted in two singles, both hits. Seeing the success and potential in him, MGM Records signed a contract with him in early in 1947 and Rose became the Williams manager and record producer.His first single with MGM, Move It On Over, was instant hit and rose to the country fall out Five charts. Songs released in 1948 like Honky Tonkin and Im a Long Gone Daddy hit in the charts too. Another huge success came in early in 1949 with Lovesick Blues, whi ch remained at number one for 16 weeks and crossing over into the pop Top 25. This song was performed at Grand Ole Opry and received a record six encores from the crowds.During this time, Williams and Audrey had their first child, Randall Hank in 1949. Soon afterwards, Williams gathered the guitarist Bob McNett, bassist Hillous Butrum, fiddler Jerry Rivers, and marque guitarist Don Helms to perform the most acclaimed versions of Drifting Cowboys. He and his band were earning handsomely and most of their shoes were sold out. In the early 1950s Williams make at least seven hits and most of them made it to the Top Five Charts. During these years, a different side of Hank Williams came to be known. He started to record some apparitional and eldritch records under the name of Luke the Drifter. The change of name was due to the fact that he thought that the dick jockeys and jukebox operators would not play his non-traditional songs and there spiritual songs would hurt his reputation as a country musician. Although the name was chosen to hide his identity, he couldnt cloak his voice. The next year Williams came back with more of the hits to enrapture his fans. He started taking parts in television shows and package tours to market him further. The music was going great with most songs of 1951 entering the top

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Terrorism in the modern world Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Terrorism in the modern world - Essay ExampleThe thin out is further complicated when governments adopt violent tactics in the pursuit of their interests, provoking accusations of state terrorism. The quotation mentioned above from Giannini Riotta, speaking as the Deputy editor in chief of the Spanish newspaper Corriera del Sera, was made in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks of 2001 in the United States. The force of his statement is to argue that whereas terrorists formerly tried to net profit publicity by staging events that the media could report on, they have now begun to specifically target media networks because in this way a terrorist understands that thats the right way to paralyse our world. (Riotta, 2005) It is important at the outset to be clear about our definition of terrorism, as opposed to other activities which may involve some degree of effect tied to political motives. Wilkinson identifies five detect features of terrorism 1) It is premeditated and designed to create a climate of extreme fear 2) It is directed at a wider target than the immediate victims 3) It inherently involves attacks on random or symbolic targets, including civilians 4) It is considered by the society in which it occurs as extra-normal, that is in the literal sense that it violates the norms modulate disputes, protest and dissent and 5) It is used primarily, though not exclusively, to influence the political behaviour of governments, communities or specific social groups. (Wilkinson, 1997, p.51) It is clear from each of these characteristics that a key distinguishing feature of terrorism is its intention to reach a far greater number of people than those immediately affected by any terrorist act. The media play a crucial role in providing a mechanism for passing on information, fear and all sorts of ideas from the terrorist group to the public at large. Journalists and editors have a business to report the truth, and considerable lee-way in how they frame the facts and comment on the issues. It is possible, for example, to report both the concerns of the terrorists and the dreadful consequences of their acts on innocent civilians, thus eroding arguments of terrorists by illustrating their disregard for human life. Journalists are not simply being used by terrorists, because they are responsible for what they write. Schmid and de Graaf focus on the modern cumulus medias unsatisfiable hunger for specatacle and drama and recommend a system in which journalists should have a voluntary code of conduct in reporting on terrorism and navigating the many moral dilemmas that arise in this field. Using the example of the 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847 by Lebanese Shia terrorists, Schmid and de Graf demonstrate the leverage which was gained by the hijackers, thanks to the mass media filming and commentating of the unfolding events. (Schmid and de Graaf, 1982, pp. 539-555) The visual elements of this spectacle ensured that it remained o n televisions and in newspapers throughout the world over several days while governments negotiated with the hijackers. The media sold many copies and filled many hours of airtime with commentary and debate, and this dependence of Western media on commercial income through sales can lead to a tendency to hype up and sensationalise terrorist activities. In the seventies and 1980s there was an increase in the number of international terrorist activit

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Annotated bibliography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Annotated bibliography - Essay ExampleThis civil war is a significant historical element and thus helps educate and enlighten readers.This source explores the entrance slavery had on the civil war. It examines the role of slavery especially in influencing politics in the south. Of significant emphasis are the submissions of major political players and hostel from the southern region of America in relation to slave ownership. The author also highlights the role of black soldiers in the civil war and in what counseling they influenced the side that lost and that which lost the civil war.The author of this book dwells on the period before the civil war. He asserts that there were troubles over slavery that was behind building up to a national phenomenon. He acknowledges that there were skirmishes a pertinacious the North and South Border in relation to fugitive slaves. They were what shaped up politics and culture leading to the civil war.This source is instrumental in showing the b uild up to the war. It helps people know that political factions started forming a long time before the actual war started. It contributes to research by giving a wider scope of events leading to the civil

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Social and Personal Related Factors Influencing Teenage Pregnancy Essay Example for Free

Social and Personal Related Factors Influencing Teenage Pregnancy Essay demonstrationTeenage pregnancy or adolescent pregnancy is the early conception of pistillate whose age ranges from 13 to 19. Just recently, adolescent has become an important abridge in health in great number of countries, both developed and developing. However, pregnancy in adolescence is not an unusual phenomenon as it keeps on rising all(prenominal) now and then.There are lots of speculations about which factors triggers pregnancy the most. Some of these factors were deemed to be poverty, socioeconomic factors, educational attainment etc. Actually, a family with history of young birth is considered as one of the factor that influences adolescent pregnancy. Teen female with family history of jejuneage births are significantly more likely to experience teenage pregnancy (East, 2007). Childhood history of sexual abuse has also been taking in place as a factor of having early pregnancy. This facto r increases the insecurity of teen women for subsequent adolescent pregnancy and that addressing conditions associated with childhood sexual abuse might impact the overall pregnancy rate (Noll, 2009).Somehow, even non expected factors such as childhood bullying were deemed to contribute for teen to have early pregnancy. Childhood bullying tends to have negative effect on the childhood of teen females. In fact, both bullies and victims had high risk of becoming teenage mothers regardless of the family-related risk factors.Reports of bullying and victimization from the girls themselves, their parents and their teacher were associated with becoming teenage mother severally of each other. Therefore, there is a predictive association between being a bully in childhood and becoming a mother in adolescence and it may be useful to target bullies for teenage pregnancy prevention (Lehti, 2010).Conclusively, there are lots of factors which are deemed to influence teenage pregnan cy and it is dummy up a mystery that which factors we should consider above them all thus awareness could be given to those who will need it mostly.The aim of the study is to determine whether which of the social-related or personal-related factors greatly influences teenage pregnancy. Thus, when the study have determined and relay the results this could serve as a basis or guidelines for women to avoid early pregnancy.While for the parents of female teenager this will enable them to know of what aspect should they consider to avoid this teen pregnancy from happening and even for nurses, to conduct health teaching and exoteric awareness that teenage pregnancy can always be prevented just as long as the action plan includes proven data and has the substantial factors that might lead teenagers to this unwanted and early pregnancy.Significance of the StudyThe study is deemed to be relevant in nursing profession and for the community in establishing a link between rendering care for the community both in Public and Private setting. The result aims to determine or to discover which among the following factors influences the teen women to be pregnant the most.The study is believed to benefit the following.

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Nirma Case Study Essay Example for Free

Nirma Case Study EssaySUCCESS STORY Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel, the founder of Rs. 2500 crore (US$ 500 million) NIRMA group. Believed in value for currency equation Sells 8,00,000 tonnes of detergent powder every year Market share of 35%Market Size Market Size Closest threat to HUL with 35% market share. Nirma and Nima with 32 variants are distributed through more than 2 million retail outlets, generating gross sales in excess of Rs.2600 crore. The company has reported 4% drop in sales and 13% decline in net profit MarginsAchievements Achievements 7th largest consumer brand by ACNielsen 03. First brand to recognize and armor the power of the Indian rural market. First Indian brands to merit a Harvard Business Review case studyProducts Products Consumer slashs Detergents Edible salt Scouring harvest-time Nirma shikakai Nirma shampoo Nirma toothpaste Industrial LAB ( Linear Alkyl Benzene ) AOS ( Alfa Olefin Sulfonate ) Sulfuric Acid Glycerin Soda Ash Pure salt vacancy Evaporat ed Iodized Salt SSP- Single Super Phosphate Sodium silicateSoaps Soaps Nirma Bath Soap Nirma Premium soap Nirma Beauty Soap Nirma Lime Fresh Soap Nima Rose Nima Sandal Nima Lime Nima Herbal Nirma HerbalinaDetergents Detergents Nirma Washing Powder Nirma Detergent legal profession Super Nirma Washing Powder Nirma Popular Detergent Nirma Popular Detergent Cake Nima Green PowderPromotion Promotion Featured a lady washing a garment Daughter was featured on the bear Focuses on value-for-money One of the oldest and catchy jingle first aired on radio in 1975, was broadcast on television in 1982 Nirma Consumer Care Limited marker value Brand value Initially every pack of Nirma came with a money back guarantee. Believes in bonding with the consumer. The jingle has been used by Nirma for the operate 25 years.Recent Developments Recent Developments The company has relaunched Nirma Yellow Washing Powder and Nirma Beauty Soap, two of its strongest brands. Nirma Yellow Powder is being re-launc hed with improved formulation and refreshful advertising. This is an extension of the original ad which will return after the launch is over. Nirma Beauty Soap is being re-launched with a new shape, fragrance and a smarter, brighter pack to improve shelf visibility Acquired Searles Valley Minerals Operations and Searles Valley Minerals

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Jacksonian democrats Essay Example for Free

Jacksonian democrats EssayThomas Jefferson was consistently inconsistent by switching from a strict constructionist view to a broad exposition on the constitution to support his political views. Similarly, Jacksonian democrats occasionall(a)y altered their belief of being guardians of the political democracy, individual liberty, economic opportunity, and the Constitution to suit their purposes. chair Andrew Jackson had several ways of ensuring political democracy thus he is regarded as a guardian of it. The spoils system is an example of Jackson stressing political democracy. gibe to Senator William Marcy the spoils system was acceptable since the benefits of winning should go to the winner. He supports this thought by saying, To the victor belongs the spoils. The spoils system allowed Jackson Old Hickory to rid his opponents of government jobs and allow them to his supporters the Hickoryites. Another example of political democracy is rotation in office. Rotation in office is what Jackson utilized to incorporate the plebeian man into a government role. Jackson believed that any man was capable of doing the job. Every man is as good as his neighbor, he declared, perhaps equally better. The inevitable quandary that arises from Jacksons notion on political democracy is that illiterates, incompetents and crooks obtained positions of public trust. The result of this was Samuel Swartwout, the collector of customs at the port of New York, stole a million dollars from the government.Jackson, although he was a rich aristocrat at the time of his election, might afford been influenced to raise the common man on a pedestal as a result of him having been born poor. One of his first acts as president was to invite the working class of America to his inaugural. The White house was only emptied upon a record that said spiked punch had been served on the lawns. As a result, the inaugural is often referred to as the inaugural brawl and Jackson being the leader of the common people was called, King Mob. This represented what Jackson emphasized and that was the importance of individual right. Jackson believed that it was unfair for power to be in the hands of an elite few.Therefore, he advocated the rights of the common man through with(predicate) his land policy. His land policy would allow people to expandfurther into the west. The more obtainable land there was sentiency a higher electorate. Jacksons belief of rotation in office allowed average men to try their hand at government. Rotation in office is something which had been previously limited to the aristocratic elite since they were the only ones viewed as capable of managing the job. His success in achieving basic individual rights is sh deliver in Doc. D. when Harriet Marineau, a British visitor to the united States reported that she had seen every man as an independent citizen and controversies of which the people were to be judges.However, the concept of individual liberty is not ap plied to minorities such as the blacks and Indians. This is seen in Document E. when Philip Hone, a New York City businessman describes riots in Eastern cities. The spirit of riot and subordination to the lawsappears to have been produced by hostility to the blacks and an indiscriminate persecution of all whose skins were darker than those of their enlightened fellow citizens. Document G also demonstrates that individual liberty was only directed towards whites. If individual liberty had been meant for all the Indians would not have been outside from their homeland. Further proof of whites against minorities is represented in Document A when George Henry Evans explains that all men are created equal, and allowed the rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Obviously, the Indians, immigrants and blacks were not allow these rights to individual freedom.Jackson was a guardian of the economy since he supported economic opportunities. To make sure that economic opportunitie s were achieved Jackson had to be anti queen-size business. A big business tended to monopolize a certain part of the economy and not allow other businesses to expand and earn money. He valued to ensure that the economy was not in the hands of a few rich men. In 1835 Jacksonian Roger Brooke Taney replaced Federalist John marshal as Supreme lawcourt judge. In 1837, a case known as Charles River Bridge versus Warren Bridge was about monopolies and charters. Two companies wanted to build bridges across the Charles River, only only one had a long standing charter. In the Marshall Court, the ruling would have been that the contract was stronger than the interests of anything else. But, under theJacksonians, it was ruled that the interests of the people were more of import then any charter.Jackson viewed the bank as unconstitutional and undemocratic. In Document B Jackson describes the bank as incompatible with the Constitution he also says, The present Bank of the United States enjo ys an exclusive privilege of bankingalmost a monopoly of the foreign and domestic exchange. Therefore, when Henry Clay proposes a bill to congress in 1832 that would recharter the bank four year before needed Jackson vetoes it. After this Jackson bleeds the bank dry by removing federal deposits and started placing surplus money in pet banks which were pro-Jackson banks. The nullification issue emerged due to the Tariff of Abominations which protected it us from European competition. It angered South Carolina since they had to buy expensive manufactured goods and had to sell crops on an unprotected market. As a result of the high duty Britain does not purchase as many goods as it previously did.The south also feared the tariff as a possible foothold for later federalist interference with slavery in the southern states this was brought on by a the South Carolina Cxposition written by John Calhoun which stated that the federal government has a compact with the states and that the state conventions had the power to declare laws unconstitutional and states should nullify the tariff. The tariff of 1832 was null and void they undertook the infallible military preparations and threatened to secede from the partnership if the United states government came to collect the customs and duties by force. Jackson was furious because he was against nullification therefore he quietly prepared an army and passed the force bill which authorized the president to use the army and navy to collect fed tariff duties. Henry Clay, although a supporter of the tariff influenced the compromise tariff of 1833 which said that the tariff would be reduced by 10% over a period of 8 years. By 1842 it would be back at 20-25%.Through Jacksons aggressive reaction of South Carolina threatening to secede from the state we can see that Jackson believes in states rights. However, if he has to choose, the union comes before states rights.Being a guardian of the constitution means protecting many thing s at one timesince the constitution is basically a thick of the rights we possess. The rights that had to be protected were individual liberty, and economic opportunity among other things and the Jacksonians were not guardians of these rights. The time Jackson was president tends to be regarded as the Age of the Common Man. The indicate as to why is that Jackson essay to incorporate the common man into the current political economic situation. The type of common man that was favored by Jackson was a poor westerner who desired land, freedom of choice, and a say in politics. He succeeds in incorporating the common man into politics through Rotation in office and involving them in government rallies. However, the problem with improving the common man was that anyone else who would fall out of this category women, slaves, Native Americans, wealthy, Easterners, Northerners, were often denied their own rights which is a direct violation of the constitution. (Doc D).The exempting of tho se who wouldnt fit the category of the common man, helped stress universal manhood suffrage. Jacksons personal view of the Bank of the United States was that it was unconstitutional. However, John Marshall had made it very clear in McCulloch vs. Maryland that the bank was constitutional. Jackson believed that preservation of the union preceded states rights. This was an unconstitutional view considering it was the states who had created the government. Therefore, if the government was stepping its rights the states could protest against the governments actions. The first amendment is profaned in Document F when the U.S. Post office suppresses abolitionist mail into the South. The reason why this was done to keep the multitude from finding out which would have motivated many to become anti-slavery.The Jacksonians could be described as two-faced considering they were for the common man while being a part of the aristocratic elite. They attempted to promote economic opportunities by el iminating the Bank of the United States. The Panic of 1937 was a repercussion of removing the bank yet Jackson succeeded in his main effort. His main condense was retrieving power from Nicholas Biddle, the owner of the bank. The belief of Union preceding states was utilized to assert the power of the executive branch. Finally, Jacksonian democracy did allow more people to take than ever before and made government more directly responsible to the people.

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Gaming and animation industry

period of play and sustenance painsAnimationAnimation or 3D is a bighe wileed innovation.We muckle visualize support from the Greek word anim atomic number 18 which means to give life to manything without. Animation is a serial of still pictures that atomic number 18 sh aver in immediate victorion fabricates the illusion of movement because of persistence of vision, this means the image stays on the retina a fraction of a second longer. If we see many images (24 a sec) they provide all link up. There argon different types of liveliness calculating machine games use elan vital for games much(prenominal)(prenominal) as tomb r aider and frogger, the characters and settings be all animated. Cell life is the process of taking a sequence of images and stringing them together to constitute movement. It is an old process that is still used today to create animateness for cinema, television, and computers. An example of cell sprightliness is in programmes such as super man. Cut out vim is a technique that is quicker than cel. Parts of the tree trunk of an animal or person are cut out and coloured, then assembled and reassembled into different positions instead of being drawn over and over again.Animation has create a lot since the 1900s, the graduation animated feature hold was made by Cohl and George Melies that was made in 1918.Indias, gaming, perseverance, $860, million, and, brio, industry, $1bn, 2012.Indias gaming and liveliness industrys are the 2 industries which are going at a fast rate. The compounded annual evolveth rate (CAGR) predicted for verve industry is 22%. For gaming industry it is 53%NASSCOM, animation industry is a $494 million industry in two hundred8 and at the CAGR of 22% it will be $1bn industry. These are revised estimates where the growth estimates are cut. The global CAGR is estimated to be 10% much lesser than Indias own CAGR. Animation globally will be a $100 bn industry (it is $68 bn in 2008)Key segments in Animationo Entertainment animation,o Animation education,o Custom content development ando multimedia/web design and VFXo Gaming on the new(prenominal) handThe segments are split as shown below animation-nasscomGaming is the fastest growing among the two and probably the fastest growing industry in India. It is $167 million industry in 2008. With an estimated CAGR of 53% it will be $830 million in 2012. Globally it is $21 billion in 2008 and will grow to $53.6 billion in 2012.Key segments in gamingo Online games,o Massively multiplayer online portion-playing games (MMORPG),o Casual,o Mobile games,o PC gameso cabinet games,o Regular and HandheldThe segments are split as shown below gaming-nasscomNASSCOM revised its 2012 forecast for animation industry from USD 1060 million to 830 million and gaming industry from USD 1163 million to 1000 million. Some of the factors which accounted for the revision were the global economic downturn, domestic box office for animation plastic train s non picking up as estimated, shoemakers last to end skill sets not being developed in the animation services industry.Animation industry in IndiaIndia is emerging as an outsourcing hub for animation and opthalmic effectuate with large number of worldwide media companies tucking into joint ventures with animation studios in India.The Animation Industry in India though a late starter, is considered as one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment and media industry. The Animation Industry in India gained signifi tail assemblyce as an outsourced destination for animation work due to low cost, practiced labour as its many advantages. In the re cent past Indian animation companies and animation studios go been moving up the value chain to create their own intellectual property rights with Hanuman, Roadside Romeo, etc. and partnering with international studios to produce animated properties for the global audience.Though a majority of the work done by the animation in dustry in India is outsourced work, this is anticipate to change in the future with increased request from the domestic entertainment industry. The Indian animation industry in 2007 was estimated at USD 0.31 billion and is expected to grow at CAGR 24% to r severally USD 0.94 billion by 2012. The Indian animation industry in 2007 was estimated at USD 0.31 billion and is expected to grow at CAGR 24% to reach USD 0.94 billion by 2012.Indian animation industry including market size, growth and key segments. Analysis of drivers reveals that growing requisite for animated content in the domestic market, cost arbitrage opportunity in India, improving animation education and increasing character licensing personal line of credit keep back helped growth of this sector in India. The key challenges set include high set-up and turnout cost, talent shortage and lack of protection of intellectual property. The future trends identified include increasing animation application in other secto rs, domestic animation movies earning receiptss through international releases and increase in investments and realizations for animated movies in India. market place size and growth rate of animation industryWith global players analogous Walt Disney, Imax, Warner Bros signing contracts with Indian animation companies for outsourcing and co-production, it is expected that the animation industry in India can touch $950 million by 2009 and is expected to grow at a fast pace over the next five years.However, outside the Industry in that respect is scepticism about the pace of growth because of the challenges like plagiarisation, lack of intellectual property (IP) protection rights, acute lack of resources and investments the Industry is facing.In an interaction with occupancy Standard, KPMG Advisory Services (P) Ltd Director Jaiddep Ghosh said, Although India is the largest media consuming market in the world, only 1 per cent of the US market size which is estimated at $10 billion , so far the animation is concerned, it is currently pegged at $600 million.Commenting upon the industry market size, he said, The Indian market size is extremely fragmented with the top players accounting for 10-15 per cent of the industry turnover. Further, intimately of the players are direct or indirect off-shoots of the Indian BPO boom. This legacy and low indigenous demand forced around of the players to adopt the outsourcing business model.Prominent players include Toonz Animation, Crest Communication, Maya Entertainment, UTV Toons, Zee, etc. Also, Pritish Nandy Communication has plans for five full-length 3-D animated bollywood films and has signed a $25-million deal with Florida-based animation company accomplishment Pixel Corporation. Crest Animations has entered into a three-movie co-production agreement with Lions Gate, a major movie studio. Also, animation studio DQ Entertainment has made a pact with US-based Electronic humanistic discipline to work on PC games.With these developments, it seems that things will change dramatically in the near future. Further, Walt Disney, Imax, Warner Bros are signing contracts with Indian Animation companies for outsourcing and co-production.Animation needs a much larger investment and longer production circles. However, it has very long shelf lives and content leverage scope. A typical animation movie whitethorn take 2 years for completion unlike general movies. Further it is labour intensive, although with the advent of computers, the work has been simplified and is a relief from the days when each frame had to be drawn by hand. It is estimated that the labour may account for 70-80 per cent of the total costs for a 2-D animation production. It is lower for 3-D animation. Further, animation products are expensive to produce, on an average animation costs 5-15 clock more than than a live product.The key challenges before the industry are piracy and lack of IP protection rights and an acute lack of resources , investment and government support. The slack IP laws and weak enforcement mean that studios can expect leakage of revenue at every stage.Indian animation industry poised for growthRight now, about 300,000 students are undergoing training in animation technology crosswise India. Most of the professionals are still at the entry level, The way the industry is growing, even these 300,000 professionals will not be enough to handle the work weight in the coming years.Good times ahead for Animation Industry apirants as Hanuman, Hanuman Returns and now Bal Ganesh the string of successful animation movies is an indication of the fast growth that the Indian animation industry is poised for after the development of some very advanced bundle.As far as the Indian animation movie production is concerned, a new phase has now started after advanced software has been developed. Technology is key to the growth of the animation sector.India has about 200 animation, 40 VFX and 35 game development s tudios, but the country needs more workstations to make optimal use of the potential that the industry has.we get trainers from the US and Canada to train our staff and help them understand the current trends in animation in the world market. This ensures that the output is on a par with the acceptable levels for international standards, especially Hollywood.Animation movie making will soon emerge as a self-sufficient industry and attain a full-ledged stature.The Indian animation movie production, however, had a rather shaky start. In 1984, when the renowned artiste Ram Mohan wanted to make an animation movie on the Indian epic Ramayana in coaction with the Japanese filmmaker Yogo Sako.The movie, Ramayan, executed under Mohans leadership, created a revolution in the international market in that it made the Western world aware for the low gear time of talent available in India to make animation movies.India saw an outsourcing boom subsequently. But, due to the high cost involved, t ogether with shortage of manpower and technology, animation movie making stagnated after Ramayan was released.Some of them did create story-based animated work, but those were meant only for the advertising commercials. It was only since 2000 that corporate houses set their sights on producing animation movies.UTV was the first corporate entity to plan animated versions of India Book Houses popular Amar Chitra Katha series in the 1990s. But the project did not get off the ground. A decade posterior Percept Picture Company (PPC) brought to India its Hanuman series of animation features Hanuman and Hanuman Returns.At a one-day conference on animation and gaming in Chandgarh recently, Punit Vatsayan, managing director of Mobera Systems Pvt. Ltd., said the Indian animation and gaming industry is projected to reach the $1 billion mark by 2010 from the current combined revenues of $402 million.Navin Gupta, read/write head operating officer of the Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MA AC), a Mumbai-based animation training institute, said the Indian animation industry is still hard-pressed for skilled manpower. do on a budget of about Rs.15 million, PPCs first animation movie Hanuman went on to earn Rs.70 million for the corporate entity. PPC followed it up with Hanuman Returns.Shemaroo in another Indian company that feels animation is good business. It has set up its own animation studio to create animation movies in-house. Though Shemaroos maiden animation attempt, Bal Ganesh, did not see the success of PPCs Hanuman and Hanuman Returns, it scored in terms of quality.Animation movie can be made here 15 times cheaper than the cost of a Hollywood production.Supply chain formation and outsourcing in animationAs a result of all the potential of the animation market, the governance of animation production (i.e., where decisions on the supply chain) is dictated by the institutions which control whether content is produced and how it is distributed. Increasingly, thes e two aspects are connected. In the US, the distribution of animation is essentially controlled by the large TV channels such as the Fox Network, the specialized channels such as Nickleodeon and Cartoon Network, the larger distributor/studios or other content providers such as Disney. It is only when a production studio gets large and well-known enough that it can effectively dictate its own future.Since most animation series are carried by TV studios, and since these studios may be in the broadcasting rather than production business, they rely heavily on undertake with creative talent of outside production studios. Specialized animation channels, and previously Fox, usually keep some internal pre-production and postproduction operations, and sometimes even gift onto the production internally. That is, they have their own creative talent, either for developing animation in-house, or for spotting or identifying ideas in the conceptualization and preproduction phase, which are the n outsourced to animation studios.Post-production is much done in-house as well since it is really a follow-up stage that ensures that production meets the preproduction specifications. In contrast, the recent 3D movies have largely not been outsourced. The reasons for this will follow as we examine the creative production process for Pixar in more detail.Unlike animation, the film industry has outsourced their computer graphics (CG) effects for the most part. This is partly because of the flexibly specialized nature of film production, which allows outsourcing, and partly because of the fact that the film industry has traditionally been dependent only on somatic assets such as actors and locations. Increasingly, however, computer graphics effects are becoming more and more useful in film, blurring the line between film and CG or CGI animation. No where was this more evident than in the Lord of the Rings trilogy All three movies used CG effects extensively for the main battle sce nes, redefining the notion of what assets are need for epic scenes or to define a movie.Supply chain governance and outsourcing in animationAs a result of all the potential of the animation market, the governance of animation production (i.e., where decisions on the supply chain) is dictated by the institutions which control whether content is produced and how it is distributed. Increasingly, these two aspects are connected. In the US, the distribution of animation is essentially controlled by the large TV channels such as the Fox Network, the specialized channels such as Nickleodeon and Cartoon Network, the larger distributor/studios or other content providers such as Disney. It is only when a production studio gets large and well-known enough that it can effectively dictate its own future.Since most animation series are carried by TV studios, and since these studios may be in the broadcasting rather than production business, they rely heavily on contracting with creative talent o f outside production studios. Specialized animation channels, and previously Fox, usually keep some internal pre-production and postproduction operations, and sometimes even hold onto the production internally. That is, they have their own creative talent, either for developing animation in-house, or for spotting or identifying concepts in the conceptualization and preproduction phase, which are then outsourced to animation studios.Post-production is often done in-house as well since it is really a follow-up stage that ensures that production meets the preproduction specifications. In contrast, the recent 3D movies have largely not been outsourced. The reasons for this will follow as we examine the creative production process for Pixar in more detail.Unlike animation, the film industry has outsourced their computer graphics (CG) effects for the most part. This is partly because of the flexibly specialized nature of film production, which allows outsourcing, and partly because of the fact that the film industry has traditionally been dependent only on physical assets such as actors and locations. Increasingly, however, computer graphics effects are becoming more and more useful in film, blurring the line between film and CG or CGI animation. No where was this more evident than in the Lord of the Rings trilogy All three movies used CG effects extensively for the main battle scenes, redefining the notion of what assets are needed for epic scenes or to define a movie.Indias Advantages in the Animation IndustryIndias attractiveness as an animation hub lies in the presence of an English-speaking workforce, high-quality software engineers, a large pool of creative talent, good studios and low costs. The cost of producing a 30-minute 3D animation programme in India is US$60,000 compared to US$250,000-400,000 in the United States and Canada. India has a cost advantage compared to the Philippines, which is another low cost producer of animations. The average monthly sal ary of an animation professional in India is US$600 compared to US$1,000-US$1,200 in the Philippines. The cost of outsourcing one hour of animation work to India is estimated to be 30% to 40% of the corresponding costs in leading animation centres in Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.Indias advantages in low costs have been exploited by many multinational firms and production studios. The advent of digital animation coincided with the relaxation method of the Indian economy and India offered the benefits of lower production costs, strong creative and technical skills and a large English speaking population. This has led to the development of state of the art animation studios in several Indian cities, and these studios are collaborating with global entertainment companies.Main characteristics of animationAnimations for EducationEducators are enthusiastically taking up the opportunities that computer animation offers for depicting dynamic content. For example, PowerPoint now has an easy-to-use animation facility that, in the right hands, can produce very effective educational animations. Because animations can explicitly depict changes over time, they seem ideally suited to the teaching of processes and procedures. When used to present dynamic content, animations can mirror both the changes in position (translation), and the changes in form (transformation) that are fundamental to learning this type of subject matter.In contrast with placid pictures, animations can show temporal change directly (rather than having to head it indirectly using auxiliary markings such as arrows and motion lines). Using animations instead of static graphics removes the need for these added markings so that displays can be not only simpler and less cluttered, but alike more vivid, engaging, and more intuitively comprehended. In addition, the learner does not have to interpret the auxiliary markings and try to realize the changes that they summarise. Such interpretation and infe rence may demand a level of graphicacy skills that the learner does not possess. With animated depictions, information about the changes involved is available to be read straight from the display without the learner needing to perform mental animation.Animations Facilitate LearningIt seems that animations should be ideal for presenting dynamic content. However, research evidence about the educational effectiveness of animations is mixed. Various investigations have compared the educational effectiveness of static and animated displays across a number of content domains. While there have been some findings that show positive effects of animations on learning, other studies have found no effects or even negative effects. In general, it can be concluded that animations are not intrinsically more effective than static graphics. Rather, the particular characteristics of individual animations and how they are used play a key role in the effects that they have on learning.Animations Make L earning FasterWell-designed animations may help students learn faster and easier. They are also excellent aid to teachers when it comes to explaining difficult subjects. The difficulty of subjects may arise due to the involvement of mathematics or imagination. For instance, the flow$ of electric current is invisible. The operation of electric circuits is difficult for students to understand at the beginning. With the aid of computer animations, learning and teaching might become easier, faster and amusing.Educational EffectivenessIt seems that when the subject matter is complex, learners may be overwhelmed by animated presentations. This is related to the role of visual perception and cognition in human information bear on. Our human perceptual and cognitive systems have limited capacities for processing information. If these limits are exceeded when using an animation, learning may be compromised. For example, the pace at which the animation presents its information may exceed the speed at which the learner can process it effectively. Youll probably find it quite demanding to work out exactly whats happening in the sequent animation (part of a pumping system) for this reason. But the solution is frank slow the animation down and accompany it with a written explanation. It is unlikely that superior learning is achieved by thoughtlessly substituting animation for a static graphic but by having it accompany textual explication. Another suggestion for addressing such problems is to provide user control for the learner over how the animation plays. exploiter controllable animations allow learners to vary aspects such as the playing speed and direction, labels and audio commentary to suit themselves.Perceptual Salience versus Thematic Relevancecomplexness of the subject matter may not be the only reason for difficulties that learners sometimes have with animations. It seems that problems can also arise from the perceptual effects of such presentations. In a li ttlely designed animation, the information that learners notice most readily in the animation may not be the information that is of superior importance. Conversely, information that is relatively inconspicuous may be very important. You can see an example of this in the top right hand corner of the serial animation. Tucked away here is a small grey-coloured valve whose subtle movement lets air into this pumping system (which is where the bubbles come from). However, its nowhere near as noticeable as the big, more central, orange-coloured valve that is going up and down so obviously. The point is that animations should not appear in a vacuum and most will require accompanying explanation.Obviously, perceptibility of information does not necessarily correspond with its actual relevance to the learning task to be performed. Features of the animated display that are most conspicuous because of their contrast with the rest of the display are not always the best place for learners to di rect their attention. In other words, there can be a poor correspondence between the perceptual salience (noticeability) of a feature and its thematic relevance, and an accompanying text is needed to correct this.The Top Ten Animation Companies in India1. Toonz Animation India, is based in Thiruvananthapuram and has to its credit the successful series The Adventures of Tenali Raman. The team here is also working on a full-fledged feature film called Tommy and Oscar which is a 2D /3D combo project. This is apart from completing work for the Italian producer Rainbow Productions a 2D television series called Will o the Wisp (26 X 6 min) for Animoon Plc, United Kingdom and a big-budget 3D television series for major a US broadcaster. This company has tied up with outset Serve International to form First Serve Toonz.2. Pentamedia Graphics, Chennai is a subsidiary of computer software company Pentafour. It is best known for its animated 3D film using the motion capture technique, Sindbad Beyond the Veils of the Mists.3. Maya Entertainment, Mumbai has been doing outsourced work for a part now and has done the special effects for The Mummy and Stuart Little. It is also working on animating short films starring a character called Wabo, to be used by the United Nations to educate worldwide audiences on the importance of fresh boozing water.4. UTV Toonz, Mumbai is the animation division of UTV Software Communications and is one of the top ranking studios dealing in flash as well as traditional animation. It has bagged a US$10 billion deal with an American company for outsourced work. Other assignments for international clients include like two Dutch deals to produce a musical comedy cartoon series called ClubNow and a fantasy series The Donz a project with Cinegroup of Canada for the images for a sci-fi series. They are also working with companies in Scotland and Luxembourg for the development of series like Clootie Dumpling and Snow Queen. It will also be working o n Kong The Next Generation for New York-based BKN New Media.5. Heart Entertainment, a 2D animation studio is yet another big name in the animation sphere, which is doing a lot of outsourced work. Among the animation featured in its portfolio are Warner Brothers Histeria, Tommy Nelsons Crippled Lamb and Little Dogs on the Prairie. It also has to its credit some work done for Walt Disney.6. Padmalaya Telefilms, Mumbai is a unit of Indias largest listed media firm, Zee Telefilms. It is expected to make 104 cartoon episodes for US$ 14 million and distribute Mondos library for US$ 15 million. It has also inked some deals with British animation companies like Mallard Media and Ealing Animation.7. Nipuna Services Ltd, a division of Satyam Computer Services, has recently bagged a project worth US$ 8 billion from 4K Animation GmbH, a German animation company. This assignment is among the biggest deals touch by an Indian BPO in the animation space. It is also doing significant work for a New Zealand based company called Applied Gravity. The work includes animatronics models for New Zealand origin parks as well as an animatronics dog for Animal Planets series K9 to 11.8. 8. Jadoo Works, Bangalore is working on an animated film series Lord Krishna and the crime legerdemain Bombay Dogs. It has done work for US animation studios like Wild Brain and Guardian Angel Animation (GaGa).9. Crest Communications, Mumbai, is a leading 3-d animation company and does a lot of work for American Studios. It came into limelight in 2002, when it won an Emmy for animation production work done for the animated series Jakers The Adventures of Piggley-Winks. It is also to work on three features for Lions Gate Family Entertainment. Crest is also expected to produce and release Sylvester and the Magic Pebble based on the story by William Steig the designer of Shrek.10. 10. Silvertoon Studio, Mumbai, is engaged primarily in subcontract work for U.S., French, and British studios, using digita l ink, paint and compositing system.Challenges to Growth of Indias Animation IndustryWhile it is true that Indias animation industry is growing at a remarkable pace, the fact remains that this growth is largely a result of the mushrooming of studios-for-hire. In animation feature films, for example, while Indian companies carry out the animation work, most of the writing, character design, and storyboarding are done abroad. India is yet to become a successful player in concept creation, the high value-adding segment of the industry which remains a preserve of western firms. Indias advantages of low costs in this industry will be too short-lived, and originally rather than later, the country will have to start developing its own intellectual property. There are several challenges faced by the Indian animation industry.Lack of FinanceIndian animation firms cannot match their western counterparts in financial strength. It is pointed out that state support in the form of tax holidays i s life-and-death for success in the animation business. Canada, for example, offers major incentives to its studios for developing animation products. However, financial institutions in India have not been much forthcoming in funding projects in animation and interactive media. The long gestation period before fruition of projects discourages potential investors. This can be a major hurdle, and it has, in fact, led to the engine block of a few production ventures. For example, Jadooworks had to stop production of animated epic of Krishna due to technical problems and lack of funding. The firm was supposedly on the verge of failure and this has led to the retrenchment of about Interestingly, Jadooworks is the same firm which drew appreciation from 250 workers.Thomas Friedman in an article in February 2004 for employing traditional artistes and transforming their skills to computerised digital painting he was rivalry that globalisation can have beneficial impact on traditional art ists.The experience of Jadooworks underlines the fact that it is still too ambitious for Indian companies to single-handedly enter into animation projects. Even a small project in the animation industry entails a budget of US$30 million, which is not affordable for Indian firms. International AttentionTata Elxsi Visual Computing Labs (VCL) in India tied up with Prologue Films in the United States to design the computer generated graphics for display at the honorary society awards in March 2004. This fact is not very well known. What this highlights is another challenge faced by the Indian animation industry attention at the national and international level. While Indian animation companies do contract work for western firms, the entire credit, including ownership of copyrights, for the work goes to the western firm. Paucity of sensible and Legal Infrastructure As per the recommendations by a NASSCOM study, improvement of animation studios and better training for Indian animators a re important for Indias long term success in the animation industry.India should develop an organized animation sector and also frame suitable laws and copyright rules. The infrastructural facilities have to be improved to attract more foreign investment and to enhance the efficiency of the industry. Also more emphasis has to be placed on the domestic industry as the domestic demand for animation in the entertainment gaming and computer sectors are expected to grow multifold. Need For TrainingThere are no academic institutes like Indian Institutes of Technology, Regional Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, etc., churning out animators by the thousands. What we have are only fine arts schools which teach the fundamentals but not the technical skills required for production, points out K. Chandrasekhar, General Manager, Media Works, Tata Elxsi. According to him, this is a major drawback for the industry in India.Education in new media has to be embedded into the mainstream curriculum. Students have to realise that they can have a lucrative flight as animators, and the government as well as educational institutions have to start programmes for their career development. The animation sector will benefit greatly by giving encouragement to the community of traditional artists as much as to technically prepare professionals. In other words, integration of the rural and urban talent will prove highly beneficial. Also, NASSCOMs President Kiran Karnik believes that there is a need for an animation honorary society to build a steady inflow of animation professionals in the industry. NASSCOM extended its help to the government for framing the curriculum and also w