Sunday, June 16, 2019

Classroom management strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Classroom management strategies - Essay ExampleBut teaching and learning was considered as a divine thing earlier. The instructors were considered as Gurus earlier and apart from the parents, they were the most influential persons in the life of a student. Classroom is considered to be other point where the scientific management principles are required now because of the immense changes happened in the student-teacher relationships.Disruptive children often create problems for the teacher in managing the class. Kellie Hayden, a famous teacher of 16 years of experience, in her article Top Five Classroom Management Strategies argues that, a simple question like Are you OK? coffin nail make lot of changes among the disruptive students. For example, hyper activity among children often considered due to lack of care from the parents. Such children will engage in some kind of activities in the class which may trouble the teacher and thefellow students. The teacher should take extreme c are while managing such disruptive students. The teacher must turn out to identify the reason for his disruptive behavior. The teacher should never question the problematic student in front of his colleagues instead he should be taken to another place where the privacy can be guaranteed and ask him Are you okay? That student may have lack of care from the parents and when the teacher enquires about his come up being, he may feel some confidence in the teacher and will open his closed faculties of mind. In a private environment besides the disruptive student may open his heart and will tell the truth about the reason why he became disruptive. The teachers smooth, calm air and encouraging behavior may force him to think about the problems he has caused to the teacher and the class and may refrain from such behavior in future. It is fundamental to maintain privacy while dealing with the problematic studentsGene Van Tassell, in his article Classroom management wrote that control of students by teachers tends to