Thursday, April 25, 2019

Solar cooling technology in football stadiums Dissertation

Solar cooling applied science in football stadiums - Dissertation ExampleIt is this hint that brought about the cooling technology utilizing solar cypher which could be applied in large electrical capacity buildings i. e football stadiums. According to Solar power energy generation, (2010) solar energy will be the main source of power generation in the wrestle of the century. Aside the fact that the use of solar energy could be by far cheaper than the use of fuels or biofuels in certain technological operations, for the very fact that sunlight is not paid for, we must likewise take note that strength of the source is strong as the sun emanates over 15 one thousand million degrees Kelvin or about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit degrees of heat per minute ( NASA Cosmicopia,2009 ). But it is renowned to observe that the application or working process of this technology could be very complicated and require accuracy in other to function properly and adequately. Now Qater has chose n to utilize the cooling technology by way of solar energy to generate cool air in its large capacity stadiums in the 2022 FIFA World cup. The first of the kind to be hosted in the middle east. This is the biggest challenge of the century for a small country like Qater who atomic number 18 determined to conquer the summer heat and make the standard pressure chilling and comfortable for people all over the world who will be at the tournament. approximately of such people are Europeans who are used to cold and cool weather. At the same term Qatar has decided to reduce cost by employing this technology. But I must forewarn before we turn in depth into this research work, that if the subject matter is not understood properly, if the rudiments and nitty gritties of the technology are not distinctly explained, if the step by step process of the workability of the technology are not distinctly defined, if the dimensions of operations as projected by Qater sports development ministry are not accurately modified and so on this could lead to an unnecessary waste of taxpayers money and could be the most fatal mistake made by a Nation in recent times. That is why a lot of time will be taken to explain the step by step process of the technology from various perspectives and works of governing before i draw my conclusion and master plan. Thus the work will be split into three broad classs. The first classify will focus on the overall technology, the second part will focus on its application in Qater, in this part the following will be clearly explained though with stronger and more professional terminologies 1- Solar Harvesting. 2- Storage. 3- Heat Conversion. 4- Cold Storage. 5- Chilled Air Delivery. The third part will show by picturesque diagrams, how the newly modified concepts will be pragmatic in its application. At the end of the research, the following will be accurately and professionally achieved an improvement in the formula concept with product desi gn specification (PDS), accurate calculation such as the energy require for the stadium etc. Lastly this research will put forward the following in twain a descriptory and an analytic form for easy application by the end user i.e. Focus on low energy concepts to create thermal comfort. Apply innovative, green, highly efficient cooling technology. Produce electrical energy by integrated photovoltaic systems. The Objectives of the study which are as follows will be clearly and precisely achieved - Introducing the new cooling technology. - Applying the cooling system into the outdoor stadiums. -