Saturday, March 9, 2019

Bible Defines Human Nature Essay

According to the obtain of Genesis, man was created in the catch of God. God created man in his confess image, in the image of God he created him male and female he created them. Genesis 127 This means that mans character is godly. Because our almighty God is a holy God, man is in addition evaluate to be spotless before Him. But how come sin became essential to human nature? Isnt it that man by nature is stingy and self centered? Other than that, the New Testament says that all render fallen short to Gods standard. Does it mean that the leger conflict itself? Meanwhile, western philosophers believe in the concept to tabula rasa. Its a dissertation that says that human beings are born without an inborn personality. Human personality is merely a product of pile of experiences and is influenced by his surroundings. If a man doesnt induce up in a good environment, it follows that his nature is not that good too. In other words, man was born as impec crowd outt cre ature without any sense of morality. We screwing say that being indigent is close to being blameless. Does it mean that the idea of tabula rasa supports the famous idea taken from Genesis? When we look at the Christian concept of salvation, we can shut that the Gospel presents a clear explanation regarding this long time debate. Although the al-Quran gives a seemingly contradicting explanation regarding the nature of human beings, still it supports distributively other when view it from Christian perspective. When we were born, we cant deny the event that we are innocent. Just like Adam and Eve, we dont make up any knowledge of sin. And as we look back on the h experienced of Genesis, Adam and Eve became aware that they were naked when sin entered their life. Therefore we can conclude that our sinful nature starts when we lose our innocence. As we grow old, our set are being by our family, community, church and media. Other than that, our personalities were shaped by our e xperiences. For those people who experienced rejection, they are more likely to develop self-exaltation and insecurities. It is also inevitable for them to hold grudges and bitterness. As we look at the bible, we can see that pride and bitterness are sin. Like pride and bitterness, rapaciousness is also a product of life experiences as well as family background and community involvement. It means that sin is an inevitable part of life. As we grow old, they more we can acquire sin which is too distant from having a godly nature. But the good news is that God make a way so that human can return to their blameless nature. He sent Jesus for us to be like his image again. Because of Jesus blood that was shed on the cross, we are forgiven of our sin and purified to give-up the ghost new creations. Therefore, if anyvirtuoso is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 517 This idea of Christs way of salvation supports the concept of sanctificatio n. But sanctification is not a one time experience for Christians. They are experiencing a lifetime of sanctification as they grow in their relationship with Christ. If experiences can cause us to sin, our experiences can also be used by God to mold our characters. Our life is a preparation of our character, a way of sanctification until we meet Christ. It is the reason why the bible always compares Christ and church relationship with that of a groom and a bride.BibliographyThe Bible League. The Devotional Study Bible. USA Zondervan Corporation, 1987.

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