Thursday, March 14, 2019

Growth of Online Shopping Around the World Essay -- Technology, Amazon

Introduction When launched its online retailing strategy in 1995 and began to reap benefits, many analysts viewed doing chore and obtain online with great optimism (Denise, 2004). They anticipated for a day when people would be able to order their shopping items from the reliever of their homes. Consequently, customers would see little or no need at on the whole to physically visit traditionalistic in-stores to make their purchases. It is now a ten dollar bill and a half down the line and online shopping has taken the business world by storm with more and more companies opting to test the unfermented waters of online retailing. Analysts foresee a rapid growth of online shopping in the next decade or so though some reports belt up show a significant number of consumers across the world who take for never attempted to do their shopping online. The growth in popularity of online shopping points to the presence of certain advantages, which are non available in tradi tional shopping. At the same time, it alludes to the existence of differences mingled with the two types of shopping. This paper shall demonstrate the growth of online shopping around the world and provide statistical evince of this growth in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It shall also elucidate the differences between online shopping and traditional shopping. The Internet has significantly transformed how consumers shop for goods or services. While traditional in-store shopping still dominates in some industries in various countries, it has done little to increase convenience, efficiency, and ease of shopping and making travel arrangements. According to a survey conducted by the Nielsen Company in March 2010, there are some products that are universally bought online ... ...d shoppers gull to keep themselves up to date with the ever evolving engine room. On the other hand, technology used to facilitate traditional in-store shopping has remained the sa me for many old age and does not change as often as is the case in online shopping. Online shopping is not dependent on geogaphical location as legal proceeding can take place across borders. Consequently, access to items offered by retailers is not impeded by factors related to geographical location. In other words, consumers whether local, regional, or international can shop anywhere in the world by the Internet. On the other hand, traditional shopping is limited by geographical considerations. As a result, the number of customers who are able to access the set forth may be greatly determined by the location (Differences surrounded by Online Retail & Traditional Retail Businesses, 2007).

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