Saturday, March 2, 2019

Cross I Lab Report

The purpose of this experiment was to determine if two selected traits of Drosophila melanogaster, low-set wings and sepia eyes, follow Mendels Laws of Inheritance through the F2 generation. Materials and Methods In week one, two crosses were set up. Dumpy females were crossed with sepia males, plot of land low-set males were crossed with sepia females. The dumpy phenotype consisted of shorter, smaller wings era the sepia phenotype consisted of brown eye color. For these crosses, all females were unadulterateds. These crosses were the P1 generation.These crosses were then incubated until week two. ?In week two, the parents were removed and disposed of. The eggs and larve were leave to put out the cross. The crosses were left to continue to incubate until the following week. ?In week three, the move rising from each cross of the P1 generation were counted, illogical into male and female, and then nurture separated into phenotype. This marked the completion of the P1 generat ion. The F1 crosses were then begun. They were set up in there different ways.In sink in A, F1 females were paired with F1 males. In cross B, F1 virtuous females were paired with dumpy sepia males. In the last cross, Cross C, dumpy sepia virgin females were crossed with F1 males. In crosses B and C, only virgin females were used. The virgin females used were obtained from the P1 crosses. Dumpy sepia virgins were acquired from a source remote the experiment. The crosses were left to incubate until week four. ?Week four proceeded much homogeneous week two, with the parents being removed and discarded.The eggs and larve were left undisturbed to continue the cross. They were allowed to incubate until the final week, week five. ?In the final week, week five, the flies emerging from the F2 crosses and the backcross were counted, separated into male and female, and then further separated into phenotype just as week three. The crosses were then disposed of. Results F1 x F1 Cross Raw Dat a Wt Dp Se dpse M F M F M F M F duck 1 26 19 8 9 7 11 2 4 Table 2 Table 3 39 43 7 10 16 25 1 3 Table 4 34 56 17 13 16 16 3 6 Total 99 118 32 32 39 52 6 13

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