Sunday, March 10, 2019

Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman Essay

Characters and scenes in the spend a penny son Overboard by Morris Gleitzman help the endorser to understand the themes and issues in Afghanistan. The themes of state of war, freedom, oppression and hope are particularly show by means of with(predicate) the characters of Jamal and his pose and done the settings of Afghanistan and the boat. This damnk is written in first person brain of view, which helps the reader to understand how war affects children and how women are treated in Afghanistan. system Paragraph 1 The character Jamal shows the ready of war on children with his daily life in Afghanistan. This is show when Jamal says Theres no smoke or nerve gas or sandstorms. I keept even hear any explosions. Which is really good. Pg1 This quotation highlights the effect of war on the children through the language Jamal uses which shows that it is a regular occurance. The boo shows the reader how war has effected children in Afghanistan and helps the reader to understand it more than as it is from a childs point of view. The book has shown the reader how tough life is for children and the conditions that they live in, in Afghanistan.Body Paragraph 2 The character of Jamals mother shows the effect of freedom and oppression through her daily life as a woman in Afghanistan. This is shown through the quote Girls playing soccer is a crime. I say. Almost as big as mum and dad running an illegal school. This quote shows how Jamals mother is running an illegal school as the governing body does not allow women to become teachers. This is shown through the restrictions she faces which the government have make rules. The book has shown the reader what life is like for the women living in Afghanistan and how fierce the government are towards women. It has also shown the reader how very little rites women have and how many rites men have compared to women.Body Paragraph 3 The setting of the boat shows the theme hope through the challenges Jamal, Bibi and the ir friends face. This can be shown through the quote Pay full price, or we turn back. I havent got anything he croaks in a tiny verbalise nor have I. This quote shows that Jamal and Bibi have a lot of hope and look even though they have no ide where their parents are and if they are ever so going to see them again. This book has shown you must have courage, hope and printing to get through tough times even though it whitethorn not be easy.Conclusion Morris Gleitzman shows the themes and issues through the characters and settings in the book Boy Overboard. The reader is shown how tough it is for children especially as on the it is always active the people smugglers but this book focuss on how war and conflict effects children and I show shown through a upstart boy named Jamal.

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