Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Analysis of Should College Athletes Get Paid Essay

The reference of the essay Should College Athletes eviscerate Paid? wrote a good snip touching on a very controversial subject that has been in question for years until now no closer to getting solved. His style is effective with the use of analogies and exchangeable Pope John Paul II recanting his stance on women in the priesthood or Kathie Lees child seamstresses keeps the readers amused. The use of these analogies besides puts into panorama how important the subject of the author is.Another argumentative point the author uses is direct quotation from the family of the athletes involved like Payton Mannings father, Archie. He uses Archie as an eyewitness to the facts with his experiences and what he has seen outside of locker rooms after the games. Wulf also utilizes data and figures from good sources like the NCAA committee and the Notre Dame-NBC deal for the broadcast of tailfin football seasons. What surprises me is that the author for all of his use of facts and direct quotations, he has no information from the players involved themselves.For an argumentative essay to be effective, both sides save to be properly represented. Even though there were facts from broadcasting networks and conceivable sources the side I was looking for was from the coaches themselves who gain from the big business that college athletes make. The work does make you want to side with the exploited youths who work hard to clear their degree while enduring pressures from academic stress.

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