Monday, March 4, 2019

American Modernization Essay

Modernization. This has been a fe bed give voice in the yesteryear and even today. For example, in the Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby is pin tear down living in the historic and is let down by modernization. Addition aloney, in the accounting A Rose for Emily, Emily is to a fault xenophobic of modernization because she is chastening to track down stopping point by reading onto her gravels dead body. She is afraid to move on in her life and decides to hide in her past.Lastly, in one of Langston Hughes poetrys c completelyed M otherwise to Son, he writes about how in the early twentieth century African Americans were not equal to white great deal and hence society began to modernize blacks to become equal. This led to segregation because the white citizenry cherished to isolate themselves from African Americans. Because their dream of what society should be was disillusioned, salutary desire in all three of these literatures. Therefore the results of modernization, isolation and disillusionment was that many people didnt except a change their life.Gatsby wanted to feel like he was living in the past with Daisy provided he was isolated and disillusioned because he was living in a modern society. Additionally, he was isolated because he could not have a social status or Daisy. In the book, Gatsby was a fantastic reputation because he wanted to hide in the past with Daisy when everything was perfect. While the other characters in this book went with the change of society. Also in the book, Gatsbys yellow car symbolizes the modernization. Gatsbys car accidently kills Myrtle, which eventually leads to his finis.Gatsby cannot escape modernization or his own death at the end of this book. Lastly, Gatsby surprisingly takes the blame for Myrtles death because this is what he thinks will help him keep living in the past with Daisy. This makes it very clear that Gatsby is isolated and a disilluded character. Just like Gatsby, Emily is a lso afraid of modernization. An example of this would be the house that Emily lives in is from the early 1800s, and she hides in this house to cover up all of the changes in society that surrounds her.Emily is a very strange woman and is very afraid of modernization. This is why when her father passes away she keeps his body so she doesnt feel isolated. Emily is also disillusioned because she tries to live in the past to escape death which cannot happen. In addition, death triumphs over her life due to the fact that she kept her fathers dead body. Emily then tells the police that her father is not dead, and that he is interior the house now. She does this to make her feel like she is living in the past with her father.This feeling of having him at home, even though he is gone, makes her feel like she is living her dream. The modernization makes Emily go crazy in her attempt to hold onto things and how they were in the past. In the time of segregation, Langston Hughes was isolated b ecause he was a antithetic race then the superior race which was white. He was laughed at and looked down upon when he said he wanted to write for a living. As time goes on and segregation becomes less followed the white people argon disillusioned because their ultimate dream of society was ruined.Additionally, the whites isolate themselves from African Americans because they are disillusioned and disappointed by modernization. For example, when Langston Hughes says in Mother to Son lifespan aint been no crystal stair. Its had tacks in it, splinters, and separate up boards. This shows how whites treated African American so poorly. As this poem goes on, he states But all the time Ive been climbin on and reachin landins and turnin corners. This performer that things are gradually getting better for Langston and other African Americans.This operator the white people isolate and disillusioned themselves from their dream of society. The white people are extremely afraid of moderniza tion, plus they want the society to be how it was in the past as them being superior over the African Americans. This happens to Gatsby, whites, and Emily. They all want things to either be how they were in the past, or how they all know but either way they are all panic-stricken of modernization. Therefore, Modernization resulted in isolation and disillusionment in the early American 20th century because the unbearable truth of reality makes you lose doctrine in all that you do.In all three of these stories, people try to hold onto their past even though it will lead to uppity consequences. Gatsby, Emily, and The Whites do these things to convince themselves they are living their dream in the past where everything is perfect, but in reality they are isolating themselves and losing their faith in life. Modernization causes people to ultimately lose faith in all that they do. Also Modernization cannot be escaped for anyone, which then separates these people from popular people who can accept society and its changes. Modernization is a feared reciprocation in todays society and will be forever.

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