Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Future of the Internet Essay -- Internet Technology Computers Cybe

The Future of the Internet In Todays world of computers, the internet has fabricate part of onesregular vocabulary. The internet is everywhere, in the news, the newspaper,magazines, and entire books are written on it regularly. Its growth rate isincredible, increasing by about 10% every month (Dunkin 180). This rapid growthrate could either dish up the system or destroy it. The possibilities are endless on what dejection be done on the internet.People can tippytoe into libraries, tap into weather satellites, download computerprograms, talk to other race with link interests, and send electronic mailall across the world (Elmer-Dewitt 62). It is utilise by thousands of differentkinds of people and organizations, like the military, businesses, colleges anduniversities, and common people with no specific purpose to even use it (Dunkin180). Phillip Elmer-Dewitt stated it perfectly, It is a attribute for everyone. The rapid growth of the internet has many positive aspec ts to it. Thenew applied science that is developing with this rapid growth will help keepcomputers up to date with what is being developed on the internet. With thesetechnological advances, systems will be faster, more than powerful, and capable ofdoing more complicated tasks. As more people with different interests,thoughts, and ideas get involved with the internet, there will be moreinformation available (Elmer-Dewitt 64). As the number of internet usersincreases, the prices will gradua...

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