Monday, February 4, 2019

Red Serpent - Fiction :: Papers

ruddy Serpent - Fiction Something stirred in the gloomy shadows that seemed to lurk over in this town. She reached into her jacket and withdrew a small black pistol. It fitted snugly into her kick in and with a feeling of safety, she loaded it. With four quick strides she reached the end of the alley where she looked round and returned the pistol to its holster. The wind howled round the corner, almost knocking her to the floor. In the process she stooped low equal for the light from a close streetlight to shine onto her bare left shoulder. Etched into the stand of it was a tattoo of an elaborate red serpent. After bracing herself for what was to issue forth, she stepped out into the street. two shots echoed down the alley and struck the attacker flat in the back of the head. She had dark brown hair, parted only a little enough to let the deadly bullet part her from her existence. The victim did not mess up and she did not show any pain from the metal projectile that had shattered her fragile existence. Instead she stood lifeless as though hanging in the balance between what her life had been before and what was inevitably to come. Paul Harris was intimately six foot three with short cut, blonde hair and look that his friends informed him could pierce through anyone he interrogated, something that came in handy in his line of work. They sure make these simulations realistic, dont they? They sure do. I still cant regard theyre not real myself and Im supposed to be running the place tell Willis, the Armourer. The director wants to see you right away Harris followed Willis towards the directors office. See you next week, verbalise Harris before striding off down the corridor. Ill be waiting, muttered Willis under his breath as he set off back towards the door that he had come from. Sit down, ordered the Director. The Directors office was expensively, but sparsely furnished. The

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