Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Assignment Transport

Homework 1. The graphical record be pocket-sized shows the changes in blood pressure and focal ratio of blood menses as the blood travels from the nubble to the leg and returns to the heart pic (i) Comp atomic number 18 the blood pressure in the artery with that in the venous blood vessel. adumbrate two reasons for the difference. (3 marks) (ii) Explain the importance of the low velocity of blood prevail in the capillary. (2 marks) (iii) In the vein of the leg, the blood pressure is very low while the velocity of blood flow is quite high. Describe how such a high velocity of blood flow in the vein is maintained. 2 marks) (iv) Using the same x-axis given above, sketch a graph to show the change in the oxygen content of the blood as it passes through the blood vessels. (3 marks) 2. The photograph below shows the transverse section of a pigs heart, which has a structure similar to that of the human heart. pic i) Which put up of the heart, A or B, is responsible for sending out blood to solely segmentations of the body except the lungs? Explain your choice. (3 marks) (ii) (1) Name valve X. (1 mark) (2) In a type of heart malady, valve X cannot close properly.A man piteous from this disorder may faint easily when he performs vigorous exercise. How would you explain this? (4 marks) (iii) vessel Y is an artery found in the heart wall. Explain wherefore the risk of heart attack would be higher if fatty substances are deposited on the inner wall of vessel Y. (2 marks) 3. The diagram below shows part of the human circulatory system pic (i) Explain why the lymph in vessel X of a person turns from clear to milky after he has eaten some barbecued pork. 3 marks) (ii) Describe how a continuous flow of lymph in vessel Y of the leg is maintained. (2 marks) (iii) For a patient suffering from a disease called elephantiasis, the lymph vessels in his leg are blocked by a kind of parasitic worm. The leg becomes greatly swollen ascribable to the accumulation of tissue fluid. Explain why the tissue fluid accumulates. (2 marks) (iv) twist Z may become enlarged when a person has a sore throat. Explain why structure Z is enlarged. (2 marks)

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