Thursday, February 7, 2019

Alzheimer’s Disease Essay -- Alzheimers Disease Essays

Alzheimers Association (2010) explains that Alzheimers disease is a promontorys disease which affects the way raft think, remember and behave. Finally, people alive with Alzheimers do non know themselves do not competent to perform everyday activities, which means that they always have to be infra control. All of these are caused by improper function of the brain. This disease leads to the death. present, the seventh cause of death in United States of America is Alzheimers disease. at that place is no method of curing yet, but it was proved that life of people living with the disease and make outgivers can become better if good mete out and aid are provided during the whole period of the illness (Alzheimers Association, 2010). It is intelligible that Alzheimers disease has financial and psychological impact on individuals, caregivers and society. Nowadays 35.6 million people are sentenced that they have this disease. It is predicted that this egres s will development to 65.7 million by 2030 and to 115.4 million by 2050 (Anders Wimo and Martin Prince, 2010, 4). There are channel and indirect costs which are spent on people with such kind of disease. The first one includes expenditures in social services such as treating at hospital. In other words, it requires a lot of money. tally to Alzheimers Association (2008) the Medicare such as hospital services and the care of medical man to person with dementia is three times more(prenominal) than the money which is spent on someone without it. Indirect cost involves recreational service of caregivers many active days that the sufferer has lost, physical and psychological challenges with which a person living with Alzheimers disease and his family have to scramble (Fox and Max 2009,... ...rtant point to consider is providing support for caregivers. More attention must be paid in order to assist them in lintel with capers which occur over time. Overall , it is obvious that Alzheimers disease is a problem that requires much attention from government and investors. One of the problems is supporting caregivers. In my opinion, in order to find solutions more look intoes have to be undertaken, also it is all-important(a) to keep in mind that each of them is unique their challenges are not the same and problems vary during the illness. Another major problem is increasing tot up of money which is spent on dementia. It is mostly caused by increasing number of people with Alzheimers. Solutions for this problem are complicated. However, I think more research in pharmacology will obviously assists to find them, so ample amount of money can be saved.

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