Monday, January 7, 2019

“I know why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou

The meter I chose to analyze was I lie with wherefore the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. I chose this verse form because even so at starting m read, I noticed that in that location was a deeper substance behind this poem and I flat connected to it. The poem compargons the spirit of a exempt race domestic fowl and how different it is from the life of a caged hiss.The supernumerary darn has the might to be free and do what it pleases, musical composition the caged bird is limited as to what it go off and bumt do. As I read this poem, I was conf employ as to wherefore Angelou heady to write near birds, but by the end of the poem, I understood who the birds were supposed to be representing.After interpreting the poem I made the assumption that there were two birds, a free bird and a caged bird. The caged bird had clipped move and his feet were tied (Angelou), so he all had the ability to sing, whereas, the free bird had the probability to fly anywhere he w anted, and use up whatever he pleased.In the first stanza, lines 1-3, Angelou describes the adventures of the free bird when she says, A free bird leaps on the back of the star and dips his wing in the orange suns rays. These lines avail me, the reader, picture a bird flying across a horizon, and just how free the bird is. Reading kick upstairs ahead, Angelou says, And dares to take in the sky as his own. This line helps me further understand the extent of the license the free bird has.The second stanza Angelou describes the life of the caged bird, and how his fly are clipped and his feet are tied. The mental imagery in these lines helps me picture just how detain the caged bird is. The caged bird has been stripped of its inbred ability to fly and walk. Because of these restrictions, the entirely affaire left for the caged bird to do is sing. quasi(prenominal) to the second stanza, in the third stanza, Angelou describes the telling of the caged bird, saying it is fearf ul trill. She in any case says, his dividing line is heard on a long-distance hill for the caged bird sings of emancipation.Through these lines virtuoso can infer that the caged bird is interpret is very loud, and through this trill atomic number 53 can hear the fear as well as the desire to be free. As the poem goes on, Angelou again emphasizes her occlusive on how trap the caged bird is. extraction 19 says, A caged bird stands on the grave of dreams (Angelou).To me this line means that the caged bird is so confined to the caged life, that he has accustomed up up on all his dreams and hide them in a grave because he knows he will probably neer tolerate the chance to achieve them.. However, I was confused as to why the caged bird continued to sing ab give a focal point macrocosm free if he had already stipulation up on his dreams.Did the caged birds struggles describe Angelou struggles? Something that seemed enkindle to me in the poem was how the caged bird sing a f earful trill of things foreigner (Angelou). The caged bird has never been free, and has never experienced freedom, but ease desires it. This led me to cerebrate that even though the caged bird doesnt know exactly what it expressions standardised to be free, he knows that anything will be better than the groom he is in now.After reading the poem for a second era, I wondered why Angelou decided to write about this topic, and if the birds represented something deeper. With further research I found out that Maya Angelou wrote this poem in 1983. During this time, segregation and racial differences between forbiddings and exsanguines were still prevalent in America.Using this information, I concluded that the free bird used in the poem refers to the dominant white race, eyepatch the caged bird represents the oppressed drear race. I can in like manner infer, that since Angelou is a black women, she is referring to herself as the caged bird describe in the poem. At this particul ar time period, whites were given more(prenominal) freedom and more remediates compared to the blacks.The black people were segregated against and werent given the equivalent opportunities the whites were given. Due to this, one can infer that Angelou, be black and a woman, wasnt given the same opportunities, and therefore snarl confine like the caged bird. She felt as if the only thing she had the ability to do was use her articulatio and speak out about what was happening to her and how it made her sapidity. This is also why Angelou decided to write this poem.It was a way for her to use her voice to get her message out and impart how she feels trapped in a society that is rule by white males. The life of the intimate white male is representing the life of the free bird. The free bird can margin call the sky (Angelou) and eats fat worms (Angelou) while the caged bird is not only enslaved in the narrow cage (Angelou), but has also been stripped of the ability to fly. Sim ilarly, the black people during this time period, have been stripped of their entire rights as human beings, and are being oppressed by the whites. Singing, or writing, is the only way to validate their existence.The only right that these blacks posses is the right to use their voice and show themselves. In addition to being obscure of the black minority, Angelou was a women. Women were given even fewer rights as compared to men, and often were looked blue upon all over there institution. Her voice was used as a way to demand attention to show the world the challenges she has to face as a black women.The poem I know why the Caged Bird sings is symbolic of the hardships Maya Angelou had to face during the time period when the black community was discriminated against. Angelou knows why the caged bird sings because she is the caged bird. She didnt possess the same freedom as the white people, and at the same time, the caged bird didnt possess the same rights as the free bird. Si nging about freedom was the only way the caged bird could put forward its feelings, and writing was the only way Angelou could express her opinions.This poem is very meaningful to me because like Angelou I too often feel like the caged bird. I feel trapped in a society where I am a part of a minority group. Sometimes I feel as if my beliefs and opinions are overlooked and my feelings are not taken into account equally. This poem shows me how using your voice in holy order to express your thoughts can be a very effective way of exchange an idea, just as Angelou has done.

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