Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria Essay

Muslim State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is one of the biggest threats the midsection eastside is facing right now. ISIS started in Iraq in 2004 where a someone called Abu Musab Al-Zarkawy established Al Qaeda in Iraq. During his time as Al Qaeda leader in Iraq Al-Zarkawy tries to make genocide against the Shiaa (another Islamic belief) state living in Iraq, eventually Al-Zarkawy gets killed by a US airstrike and Abu Ayub Al-Masri takes oer and announces the formation of Islamic State in Iraq at that time. Al-Masri in addition gets killed by in a joint American-Iraqi operation and then Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (the current leader) takes over.In April 2013 ISI declargons that it will join with Al Nusra front in Syria (Another terrorist organization and Syria) forming the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Later that month Al-Nusra leader rejects that merge, and then cornerstone broke ties with ISIS for being too extreme. ISIS aims to make an Islamic Sunni state across Iraq and Syria. IS IS is known for doing a lot of atrocities to its victims including public executions and group murder. ISIS has many victims including the Shiaa population, the Christian population, and any Sunni who dares to oppose their views or ideologies. The group has beheaded three American journalists until now and will do it again if it finds another foreign journalist. The so called Islamic state controls hundreds of square miles and still till this moment attempt to capture more lands by attacking villages and cities. The groups at first seek to make money by extortion and robbery but now he gains money by capturing cities.ISIS till now has about ten g-force followers. ISIS is not only a human rights and political issue it is also a huge economical issue in the Middle eastern united States. The ambassador of Italy in Saudi Arabia, Mario Boffo said I hope this phenomenon will evaporate as soon as possible, because it can affect the regions economy if the situation lasts for another y ear, Investors will be scared to aim not only to Saudi Arabia but also other countries in the region, As Boffo said the ISIS economical threat in the Middle East isnt only in Saudi Arabia, it is also in the Arab states, peculiarly those who are in the GCC. The Arab states in the GCC are spending billions of dollars on infrastructures that call for international labor and international expertise. Therefore Italy, America, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE formed a coalition to respond to the ISIS threat in Iraq and Syria without sending troops on the ground.Although the ISIS threat is far away from the United States of America we will gestate some economic problems. As we all know the Middle East is the most part in the world that exports oil to the world including the United States of America. If the ISIS threat grows and stretches to places like Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia then the oil pains might enter in a worldwide oil disaster. If the ISIS threats persist in the oil price in the world market will emission causing the price of oil here in the US to insurrection as well. In my opinion ISIS is a threat we should face in the beginning than later because in every day we lose innocent lives are being taken the more economic problems we will have.

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