Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Case Study Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Essay

Traits are distinguishing features, or characteristics or properties of an individual. The chapter discusses the magnanimous Five Model of Personality traits and uses it as an accepted cash in ones chips to classify personalities. Both Bill and Melinda Gates possess various aspects of separately category listed within the realm of the Big Five. Bill was able-bodied to look across the PC world because he possessed characteristics from the Big Five. He has a strong need for surgency, which includes dominance, extraversion and high energy with determination (Lussier & group A Achua, pg. 37). From early on it appears Bills desire was not only dominate his plain stitch but be a leader. It is stated in the text that in order to reach full leadership potential one moldiness want to be a leader, work to develop those skills and enjoy it (Lussier & adenosine monophosphateere Achua, pg 38). He was open to new experiences and used others and their experiences and knowledge to sharpen his sign ideas. For instance in the assigned reading Gates was described as abrasive and demanding a boss who encouraged creativity and recognized employee achievements (Lussier & Achua, pg 64). He understood the value of partnerships and working to belongher with outside entities to beget his goal. He was willing to confront others in regards to their ideas but was also able to accept criticisms and tuning on his ideas. During the Bill meetings Gates often break up presentations to question facts and assumptions at times shouting criticisms and challenges to his team. Another trait from the Big Five that Bill possessed was his ability for Openness to Experience.He had the unearthly ability to adjust to different situations and changes. He was able through his world which is also inspired in his staff stay earlier of the grand number of changes his industry experience including the changes he himself created. He was highly brainy He was willing to try new ideas and a new and alter innovated way of looking at the PC world, which attributed to his success. He also possessed conscientiousness where he carries responsibility and achievement traits. Bill Gates founded Microsoft as a partnership in 1981. He convinced IBM to include his operate systems into their PCs and in 2004 Microsoft was the worlds third largest public company ahead of IBM itself. This proves his achievement over the time in growing the business stronger and solid. Melinda was a successful founder and leader because she possessed the agreeableness personality trait. She had a behavior that was warm, caring charming, and compassionate, which made it easy to influence and persuade others to get involved. Bill also shared this trait with Melinda.

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