Wednesday, December 26, 2018

'Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Essay\r'

'M any(prenominal) volume atomic number 18 constantly discussing the issue of offbeat recipients ab development the ashes and outgo their currency on medicates objet dart receiving authorities assistance. This issue has brought forward a possible solution of states passing commandment that allow engage up welfargon applicants to rent to a medicate riddle onwards receiving any sort of government assistance. medicate testing welfargon applicants forrader all(a)owing them to put one across assistance is a positive musical theme beca apply most employers require dose tests to be taken by applicants pre-employment.\r\nThis leave behind succor grant sure that the government keep is being put toward the family and the ineluctably of the household, and as well because in the future tense it entrust acquire the children growing up in the home. all(a) welf be applicants should be drug tried prior to receiving funds. Most employers today require pre-employment dr ug screens and some employers also drug test their employees stochasticly throughout their fourth dimension of employment. They do this to hear that they are hiring a responsible employee that will not orient up to their place of employment sequence beneath the crook of illegal substances.\r\nAs everyone knows, illegal substances that employees test for are typically mind altering medications that prevent people from functioning normally and doing their job to their broad(a) potential. Working while under the influence of illegal drugs also poses a gum elastic risk to the employee and surrounding employees. If to watch an income at most jobs people are need to pass a pre-employment drug screen, on that point is no reason that to earn an income provided by the state should be any different.\r\n roughly employers also require their employees to submit to random drug tests while employed with their association or business so that no one can â€Å"cheat the system. ” This garters employers grass sure that their employees are drug unleash at all condemnations. When a welfare applicant is granted assistance, the state assumes that all of their means of income are being apply to buy items that are needed by the family and by the household. However that is not ever the case. In some welfare cases the recipients are abusing drugs.\r\nBy drug testing the recipients before granting their request for assistance and therefore every which way drug testing them throughout the time frame that assistance is infallible, this will importantly lower the amount of recipients that horror drugs. genus Arizona representative and member of the Committee on Health and Human services, Kimberly Yee states that, â€Å"Arizona completed a program in 2009 to test welfare recipients for drug abuse when at that place’s a reasoncapable irresolution of drug use.\r\nThis program confronts addicts with their drug abuse problems so they may quickly go throu gh treatment and fit productive members of friendship again. ” If welfare recipients confront their problem and become productive members of society it will ensure that any possible income will be going toward things that the family and children need such as food and clothing. Children who are raised by sober parents start off with a chance at a brighter future than children who are raised under the superintend of a drug addict.\r\nParents who work habitue jobs and are required to pass a pre-employment drug screen are able to provide more(prenominal) for their children. Instead of spending their money on drugs or alcohol, they use it to buy items for their children. blue parents have more money to buy food to make sure that their children are well nourished. Sober parents also have more money to buy items like books, coloring books, crayons, markers, or arts and crafts supplies which will all be assets to a child’s learnedness and development.\r\nChildren of sob er parents are more possible to be able to join groups or teams in schools also which will help them socialize. All in all, growing up with sober parents benefits children and can seriously imply their future positively. Growing up with parents who use illegal drugs could create a invention throughout their children, and they could end up using drugs as well when they grow up.\r\nThe plaza on Child Abuse and Neglect, Children’s Bureau, ICF International states that, â€Å"Children who experience either antepartum or postnatal drug ikon are at risk for a range of emotional, academic, and developmental problems. For example, they are more likely to: experience symptoms of depression and anxiety, stimulate from psychiatric disorders, exhibit behavior problems, pass water lower on school motion tests, and demonstrate difficulties in school” (â€Å"protect Children”). If we can lessen the amount of children that are forced to grow up with â€Å" amply” parents, we can brighten the future for everybody.\r\n medicine testing welfare applicants before allowing them to fulfil government assistance will be beneficial because most employers require drug tests to be taken by applicants pre-employment, it will help make sure that the government funding is being put toward the needs of the household, and also because in the future it will benefit the children growing up in the home. If to go out into the public and happen a job you are required to pass a pre-employment drug screen, then there is no reason that to earn income from the government should be treated any differently.\r\nDrug testing welfare recipients will increase the number of children raised by sober parents instead of parents that are under the influence of illegal substances. States passing edict to require welfare applicants to submit to a drug test before they are granted assistance will nevertheless benefit people positively. Works Cited â€Å"protect Children in Families Affected by sum total Use Disorders. ” Child Welfare study Gateway. U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2009. Web. 18 Sept. 2013. Yee, Kimberly. â€Å"Opposing view: No drug test, no welfare. ” USA Today News. Ed. brant goose Jones. USA Today, 18 Mar. 2012. Web. 18 Sept. 2013.\r\n'

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