Monday, December 31, 2018

Competency Differences between Associate degree Nurse and Baccalaureate Essay

This essay will look for the differences in competencies for values prepared at the refers and baccalaureate horizontal surface levels. Both points allow the go down on to enter in to the field of boob feeding as a Registered Nurse .The American Association of colleges of treat believes that fostering importantly impacts the knowledge base and competencies of nurse (AACN2010). BSN and ADN nurses slang the same skills need to business organization for the diligents, the BSN prepared nurse builds upon these skills. Educational preparedness for both degrees includes a core b roadcast focusing on preparing the nurse for acquired to in the clinical setting. There are the educational pathways for Registered Nurses. An associate degree nurse enters a two twelvemonth community college program, earning a scholarly person in associate degree in nursing, a three year diploma program offered by hospitals and a iv year university or college program, earning the student a bachelor s of apprehension degree in nursing.The associate degree program were first introduced in 1958 to quieten the shortage of nurses post world war. The program focused on providing direct thrill for a longanimous with a well- outlined common diagnosis. Facilities have protocols which the nurse takes boot from and refers to for guidance. ADN curriculum is technical in character focusing on task lie clinical skill, while considering patient role wellness conditions and need. ADN nurses understand the needs for standardized selective information collection and assist in obtaining data in a umbrella fashion Competencies set forth for ANDS think of to center on caregiver, councilor, and educator Activities (LUCY J HOOD 2009).ADN maintains accountability for her own actions and those of some some other wellness care peers for which she delegate task. ADN nurses prize, put through and intent patient care from admission fee to rivulet.BSN NURSESBSN educational program last fo r four years. Baccalaureate curriculums include emphasis on critical thinking, research, leadership, management and community health . BSN nurses have excellent problem figure out skills and have independent decision reservation capacities .The BSN program graduates espouse the same responsibilities of the associate degree nurse yet their role is far more expanded. The baccalaureate nurse incorporates the physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional components to address the overall health of the individual. Applying theory of nursing knowledge from manifest bases research in a holistic view of the individual, and their community.BSN nursing knowledge is base on theory and research which allows opportunities to teach, assume a leadership role in the health care environment. BSN nurses not completely provide more complex aspects of day by day care and patient education, but in addition design and co-ordinate a comprehensive plan of nursing care for the sta inless length of a patients stay from pre-admission to post-discharge , including supervising nurses aides and other unlicensed assistive personnel, designing discharge and teaching plans for patients and collaborating with patient Physicians, families and of the hospital departments and resource personnel. An example of differences in patient care, ADN and BSN nurse are as follows. (Patient situation)A 76 year white-haired female patient admitted with the diagnosis of breast cancer to the oncology department .Cancer care technician arrives, providing chance(a) care of a patient. An RN Arrives, delicious the patient, oriented the room, call bell, introduced staff, checks the vitalsigns, assess the skin, treatments given for the wound and evaluate the plan of care. A nurse with BSN degree is answerable for the co-ordination of all care provided, after assessing the patient and family needs. The nurse with a BSN collaborates with the physician, physical therapy rural care service s, social worker and machine a plan of care for the patients base on their health care needs. The AACN states the road to BSN, prepares the new nurse for a broader electron orbit of practice across a mixture of inpatient and outpatient setting (AACN, 2010) .With the increase in complexity of todays health care system, patients ,along with advances in technology, our health care requires more super educated nurses. We as nurses embrace education that prepares us to provide the best care possible for our patients.ReferencesAmerican Association of colleges of health of nursing (2010). The impact of education on nursing practice. Retrieved from American ASSOCIATION OFNursing website factsheets/ impactednp.htmHOOD, L.J.(2010).

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