Friday, December 14, 2018

'Competencies Job Analysis\r'

'Background to the study Organizations continuously budge their processes and structures due to the dynamic forces In the environment (Beer, 1980). such forces Include; divestiture, changes in technology, working practices, employment legislation, and last (Appear & Gondola, 1998). This transition often means change in employees character references and relationships thus the need for systematic Job synopsis procedures such as competency compend to disengage equivocalness and Improve reference clearness In order to ensure consistency with the new environment.Competence analysis is that part of job analysis that is concerned with structural and behavioural analysis to determine work-based competencies and establish behavioral dimensions that affect Job performance (Armstrong and Baron, 1995). It Is a pitying resource tool that generates competence profiles that provide homosexual resource baseline data which is utilized to build forgiving resource instruments such a s competence based Job descriptions that enhance role clarity in organizations.The success of competence analysis depends on the role incumbents capacity to uncover acid familiarity and role complexities and the analysts experience to gulled role incumbents in the process. This removes ambiguity, improves role clarity and enhances reflective learning leading to amend individual and organizational performance (Immune, boss & Buoy, 2003). umpteen organizations in Uganda and most Sub-Sahara Africa lack this vital human resource tool to produce generic role definitions.This has resulted Into role ambiguity consequently leading took connect stress, Job dissatisfaction that reduces organizational commitment and productivity abstinently undermining the general individual and organizational performance (Immune et a/. , 2003). 1 The importance of Involving role Incumbents In profiling competencies was miss In the Job analysis exercise carried forbidden In 2003 by Uganda Telecoms Limited (TTL), this culminated into role ambiguity that has persisted to date.\r\n'

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