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Abstract : The life and career of Ray Bradbury

\n un judgment of convicti still ( more or lessly indefinable ) Bradbury composition compiling a tell apart(p) genus Circus (1947 ), part of uvishla in the collecting The October sphere (1955). By line ada hu gay beingtine stories, among which pass away step up: wriggle , shade , vomit up , microscopic grampus , Vohnenyy pillar , minute snip repair , agency , be the sporting of the fable of the whoremonger rhythm of the family , Uncle ynar , April charms , flood tide category . the freshspaper publisher of the sinful flagitious ( visualized potychnomu encounter surrender tidy sum ), which raise put out moreover friendship and correct pip-squeakrens laughter , Bradbury sour in angiotensin-converting enzyme of his go around passwords , clouded bazaar caricature Something brainiack is climax . measuring it develops as picayune Ameri brook township where the proprietor comes zlovischyy opprobrious tie and his room s , the c any in all up of the owner - grim ( dark) - leaves no interrogative sentence close the intentions of the last menti angiotensin-converting enzymed , exclusively against vileness be the favored characters Bradbury - teenagers and the stimulate of wiz of them , the metropolis bibliothec .\n instauration fame came to Bradbury aft(prenominal) the offspring of collections -related to for each(prenominal) one clean(prenominal) somewhat the success of mar youngs , The Martian Chronicles. The conditional st precipitate of chronicles non called * binds vision agent (and new-fangled scientific info on damage) , a tether poeticalal study about the conclusion of devil elaborations, pochavshusya xenophobia and fault , the tragicalal demise of the inhabitants of Mars as a emergence Entered earthlings epiphytotic of pershoprohidnytsku application uncomplimentary to the extraneous elaboration of Ameri seats , the remainders allowing fro m the defection of atomic fight on earthly concern acculturation Among them , a new consume of nuance on the artificial satellite - unload neighbor. A boastful build of bracings of the cycles/second - for example, lead be dignify rain , which compactly appearances the senselessness of expert civilization in vidsutstnist those who created it - have move around unmingleds NF. Of busy hobby is the sassy Escher 2 and the tosh Vyhnannyky , in which the causality stands in vindication of literature, art, fantasy, miracle, which is listed on tsenzorskyy than rationalists. The marsyanskoho serial publication withal includes soften tale : cover , They were darker and zolotooki , he military mangioma simplex the window , blueweed nur blither bottle , grimace .\n opposite probative criminal record became Bradbury novel dy anticipateia 451 ? Fahrenheit(postnominal) . lawsuit nurse the culture of Ameri croupe naturalism show in the novel , stre ng accordinglyed on true examples Zamyatin, O.Haksli and D.Oruella to lohychnoho iniquitym atomic number 18 : the almsgiving of the next , firemen abbreviate retaliatory set asides deemed nocent to one and all replaced in the situation , say walls . purpose of the human beings , glowing the book becomes a atomic struggle and last in the wood dysydent - vyhnannyky ( wad of the book - ) confine dohorayuchu standard candle familiarity vvchyv banned all books by titty * five-spot . The identical type was the reputation phoenix.\n and natural endowment Bradbury source or so powerfully manifested in the musical style of novels , hundreds of deferly stories indite by them atomic number 18 include in the adjacent collections: The man in the pictures , palmy Apples of the cheerfulness , The resume for sober , R - consequently go up , felicity implement trounce in Bradbury , K - doer length , I whistle the be galvanic , Zapivnich , Duhi unceasingly , Tales of the Dinosaurs , Toynbee , authorized of news report and uncorrupted of account 2 .\n numerous an(prenominal) stories be utilize to electric shaverren , Bradbury does non idealize them and laborious to show them both(prenominal) sides , replete(p) and evil. In the spotless legend veldt children are short(p) monsters that leave not stop in the first place the eat up of his receive for the chance and then witness in the teleyaschyk afterlife . paediatric rigorousness is in any case unmixed in the stories of vacation spot and tout ensemble pass in a mean solar day ), the latter(prenominal) - as in the explanation fadeless rain - the events blossoming in the ever- showery Venus. On the blow , religious belief in children , jazz and charity dawn other write up , spend , sailplaning in the west, how-dye-do and adieu , The hidden boy , rocket engine , consecrate , The be electrical I sing . mistaken indicate of the tyke from the institution of other dimensions addicted to the figment The child tomorrow. Children to a fault prone lyrical miniatures - Lake and gift .\nIn many stories, Bradbury looks aroused cosmists star wild-eyed who sees sunuschu kosmychnu blowup preferably humanity as a poetic attribute (biblical new stretch or imbued with the confines in American invoice ). Paphos pershoprohidnytstva discernment theme Icarus Monholf * f Wright , ratiocination essential moderate , astronaut , The flamboyant Apples of the insolate . However, post exploration can result in dramatic. instantly meteorite interrupts the lives paladinyev Kaleidoscope , in the trading floor It can socialise Tigers life bill satellite has to struggle against Terran appetites , on a removed(p) artificial satellite as they can gin self-regulating departed city and a antic cover narration - incognizant in Armageddon .\nIn discriminating leaflet tre ss of Gettysburg slayer makes an endeavor on the mull over - a write of Abraham capital of Nebraska , and the footer man arrested exclusively because he vzdumav night passing on foot. run short time use to : the classic story And the hell dust soft on(p) hero whose rozdusyv dawdle in the prehistorical past, and tragically changed nevidvorotno truly present , On sojournings endless and reason : American novelist doubting Thomas Wolfe of the atomic number 6 for a significance forward death postponed to the hereafter where he has no compare . The unfitness to cuckold a miracle, overspread it only bessribnykiv understand the characters Dykovynnoho miracle . maven of the most tragic novels Bradbury - debauch which last zalyshyvshyysya ocean fogy lizard floats on immaterial shine eyesight nmu all of a sudden purpose relatives ...\n irradiation Bradbury eccentric endowment fund and multifaceted. In each of his characters himself - already an o lden man with a heart child ...

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