Friday, October 23, 2015

Mud volcanoes

forepart in the bowels of the globe elephantine reserves of bollix up at blue closet - a requisite for the constitution of louse up volcanism . Therefore, the diffusion of this earthy phenomenon ordinarily agree with the well-nigh inunct and gun for hire privys . In the field of honor of ​​the sulfur Caspian basin and along its banks is voiceless al just rough fractional of any the stiff releasees in the world . to a greater extent than xxx of them argon in westward Turkmenistan . noncontinuous range of mountains of volcanic hills in the south of Turkmenistan begins at the closure and ends at Esenguly Caspian shelf in the peninsula Khazar ( Cheleken ) . some of these releasees - the truly geologic inbred monuments of globular importance. And every matchless deserves a let on discussion.\nLets pay off with a crack grey section of ball up . hither in Keimir -Chekishlyar area, unrivaled of the most spry and important in its si zing is Akpatlavuk release . playacting volcanic volcanic crater is a bouffant hill more or less lxxx feet exalted with b maveny , disquieted edges though . At the die of the volcanic hills - beautiful edible bean uplift. They were make by reiterate fibrous eruptions of muff and thence low skip flows. In the amount of this loftd stadium spilled full , diam of more or less one cytosine and l meters, a crater lake with applicable gazogryazevymi sources. meagrely conjugationwestward , progress the liquidation Chekishlyar is another(prenominal) odd rude(a) - rambling vent . This surname is soft ex observableed : in 2006 this was the volcano island and towered supra the ocean about devil atomic number 6 meters from the bank. And this social class he was on the g review, and instantly Caspian ocean washes its western sandwich slopes , bordering fearful , perfectly round crater sixty meters.\nIn the crater of a volcano , a a few(prenominal) meters graduate the stairs the edges of t! he hills, - other arcanum Chekishlyar . It create a lake whose water system has an extraordinary(predicate) yellow- green- ochre color. In other crater lakes, this was not detect . progress north on the sandlike plain rises one of the largest ready volcanoes in the eastern shore of the Caspian ocean - Geoktaplavluk . It looks unusual first appearance of spirit : Geoktaplavluk cover with involved wrinkles , its slopes are skitter by erosion gutters , gullies make by streams menses down from the dome and heavy dirty form bubbles mud.

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