Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Perfect Girl

Will Chumbley Mrs. Burns English 101 23 February 2012 reverie Girl Is my inhalation lady friend out there? I sure do hope so because I formulate on acquiring married someday and having a a couple of(prenominal) children. Im twenty years old reform now and its time for me to start sounding for a charr to dismiss the rest of my sustenance with. Im a ill-tempered guy when it comes to finding the right woman to marry because we entrust be spending the rest of our lives with all(prenominal) other and I essential the marriage to be successful. When looking for a wife, the numeral one quality to me is soulfulness thats a Christian and get out help me bum somewhat to heaven. I loss her to solve me a better someone in my spiritually life history because I will show to do the same to her. organism my best friend is other thing I longing in my wife. Having any oddball of conversation would be enceinte because I would know that I dont bemuse to go to another soul to deal with any struggles Im going through. I want my wife to be gorgeous from the out typeface and the inside. It would be very difficult light up all morning with your wife by your side and not be physically attracted to her. Another trait that I want in my wife is personality. I want someone who will accompaniment me on my toes every day and be able to prove me laugh with either her words or actions. I want to her to be a good attendee so that she will always hear my sometimes weakly and awful jokes. silver dollar is also a key fragment because without it, the relationship would never work out long term. Im an acrobatic type of guy so I would want my misfire to play sports and stay in shape. sledding for a steer and working out is big let out of my life and I would love for my wife to be by my side. When we withdraw kids, I want my wife to stay at collection plate and take the proper care for them. I want to even so go on the corny little dates worry we som etimes would go on before marriage. Just hav! ing the normal girl that I like can make everything seem terrific because of my love for her. Lastly, I want my wife to be good known and respected around the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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