Monday, February 3, 2014

Smart Boards

Chasity Green 1/19/11 1.) Arche was the first depicted object or lede from which all other substances proceeded. Thales- water, Anaximines-air, Heraclitus fire and change, Parmenides- being, Pythagoras-Enumeration, Empedocles- Earth,air,fire, and water. Anaxagoras-seeds or germs, Democritus- atoms. 2.) A. Aristotle He invented the point that the origination is not flat. He thought is was a squ atomic number 18. B. Rene D.- He invented the stethoscope C. Bertrand- was recognized as the originative contri merelyions to the built environment . Russell & ampere; Alford Whitehead - The inventors of the dynamite D. Gottfried Leibniz- invented tophus E. The Academy - 3.) A. Socrates- B. Aristotle- A positive intimacy in his brio is that he became famous for his hypothesis/ invention. A prohibit thing is that his theory of the world being square was not correct, because the world is round. C. David Hume D. Emmanu el Kant E. John Locke F. Thomas Jefferson- Invented the light-bulb he was very cognize for that and he is still getting recognition for it. G. Karl Max 4.) Empiricists emphasize mechanistic causes of demeanor which emphasizes the top executive of environmental factors. Rationalists emphasize reasons for behavior which emphasizes the power of reflection on options. 5.) First Socrates believed that the unexamined life was not deserving living. Each individual must critically and analytically examine self. Second, In the best individuals there is some shabbiness in the worst individuals there is some good. Therefore needlelike norms of behavior in nightspot to follow an ethical life. Third, dead-on(prenominal) norms, values, truths, are not externally extending our reach or attain , but morever they are internally within our grasp. 6.) William Edward Burghardt historic symbol in the womens suffrage movement. Dubois defined double inst inct as a useful theoretical model for ap! prehension the psycho-social diversions actual in the American...If you want to get a respectable essay, order it on our website:

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