Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pharmecutical Companies: Are they overcharging?

There atomic number 18 many different takes on whether or non the pharmaceutic companies are over charging for their products. I pass on agree it off both sides briefly and then give my final opinion. For the pharmaceutical companies: The pharmaceutical companys value margins are not as gamey as some would have a bun in the oven us believe. Compared to other industries merchandising to the general public at that place part of receipts is a hand out(prenominal) lower. For example Microsofts make as a portion in two hundred2 was 36.6 and Pixars was about 44%. The leader in the pharmaceutical sedulousness on percent net profit was Pfizer with a profit of about 28%, and the lowest of these was Bristol-Meyers-Squibb with a percent profit of about 12%. When comparing the total toll of manufacturing and the percent of profit the pharmaceutical companies are re solitary(prenominal)y not gaining that much profit ( cloy/pages/19/103976.htm). A gainst the Pharmaceutical companies: The pharmaceutical companies have been involved with wrong gouging. The companies have been reporting the cost of the drugs themselves and similarly offer perks to those doctors who will prescribe their drugs. For example, when the government is deciding what to pay the companies for patients with a drug plan, the government promises the cost of the drug negatively charged 12%. However, there is no watchdog reporting the cost of the drugs to the subject data base, only the pharmaceutical companies themselves. Furthermore, we have either been to the doctor. ever seen those pens, tissue boxes, note pads, and bags? Those were all given to them by the retailer. Furthermore, have you ever been given a sample cater by your doctor? Those were free to the office as well. and the things you dont see are the cakes, lunches, and the $$ given to the office. The marketing programs offer interchange incentives for the doctors when they prescr ibe their dugs ( news sh! ow/2003/march/state_sues_drug_comp.php). --References --> For four years, I worked in a bank discount department store chain. One of the perks for woring there was that I only paid $0.50 over firmsale for all my perscriptions. (the only cogitate I stayed working there) People sine qua non someone to censure for the high proces, so lets blame the pharmaceutical companies. I was blow out of the water to see the high mark-ups on perscription drugs by retailers, upwards of 200%. So the next time you lead to fill a perscription, shop around. And if you use a lot of perscribed medicines and are look for a job, think about woring for a company that offers discounts on those perscriptions. Hi, Mel635 here. In case you are looking at my stu dy and wanting to do some analyze of this nature, the government HAS (since this opus was submitted) stepped up and begun offering somewhat intermit Rx coverage for medicare recipienents. enumerate into this before using any reference work from this paper, because it changes the whole theme. Happy citing! If you want to get a just essay, enunciate it on our website:

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