Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Management Behavior Memo

Memo To:Supervisory Team Date: May 1, 2009 pendent: watchfulness Behavior The purpose of this memo is to explain how your behavior, as a music director can affect the productivity of your workers. Also discussed testament be diametrical actions you take that organise with the employment laws and those that do non. The eventu anyy topic examined exit be the trump out practices for working within a diverse work environment. film directors Behavior The or so important theory in managing your workers is to re genus Ph solelyus that every employee is antithetical and comes from different backgrounds. You, as managers can non assume that every employee is the same. This is where problems will father and productivity will fall. Invest in your group members; cause to receive them and how they all(prenominal) work. The behavior you exhibit towards your team up will figure how they treat you. For example, if you appear conceited or gift a better than thou attitude towards your team do you regard they will want to work with you. This then snowballs, tenseness develops, and team members lose interest in their jobs, resulting in unhopeful productivity. chief(prenominal) denominates to remember when managing your team: 1. Remember that each member is different in all aspects (upbringing, individualality, work ethic, how they work under pressure, how to recompense them for doing good work, etc.). 2. Carry yourself with a positive attitude, not vanity. 3. pay back your team member for jobs well done. 4. Do not point out team members weaknesses or poor sales quota in front of others 5. Motivate your team and be fictive in doing it, make it fun, keep work interesting so team members actually enjoy their job. Try to implement all these points when managing your team. These vanadium main points will help you to remember as a manager, you have to be sympathetic and understanding of each person indivi dual situation. Invest in your team and th! ey will seat in you! Management Action and Employment Laws We all know about the Civil Rights Act and...If you want to attain a full essay, order it on our website:

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