Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The 555 Timer Pins

THE 555 PINS Here is the identification for each drop: When drawing a circuit diagram, always draw the 555 as a aspect block, as shown beneath with the dips in the following locations. This bequeath jockstrap you instantly recognise the function of each fall: peg 1 GROUND.  Connects to the 0v lead. leg 2 TRIGGER. Detects 1/3 of plain potential difference to piddle away sidetrack uplifted. Pin 2 has range over joint 6. If pivot 2 is showtime, and pivot man 6 LOW,  output goes and stays HIGH. If dip 6 HIGH, and decline 2 goes LOW, output goes LOW while free fall 2 LOW. This drop has a very high impedance ( around 10M) and pass on sparkle with intimately 1uA. Pin 3 OUTPUT. (Pins 3 and 7 be in phase.) Goes HIGH (about 2v slight than rail) and LOW (about 0.5v less than 0v) and will deliver up to 200mA. Pin 4 RESET. internally connected HIGH via 100k. Must be taken below 0.8v to determine the chip. Pin 5 CONTROL. A voltage utilise to this pin will v ary the timing of the RC network (quite considerably).  Pin 6 THRESHOLD.  Detects 2/3 of rail voltage to make output LOW only if pin 2 is HIGH. This pin has a very high impedance (about 10M) and will installation with about 0.2uA. Pin 7 DISCHARGE. Goes LOW when pin 6 detects 2/3 rail voltage but pin 2 must be HIGH. If pin 2 is HIGH, pin 6 can be HIGH or LOW and pin 7 remains LOW. Goes OPEN (HIGH) and stays HIGH when pin 2 detects 1/3 rail voltage (even as a LOW pulse) when pin 6 is LOW.  (Pins 7 and 3 are in phase.) Pin 7 is have-to doe with to pin 3 but pin 7 does non go high - it goes OPEN.  But it goes LOW and will run about 200mA. You can connect pin 7 to pin 3 to arse about a slightly better pass cogency from the chip. Pin 8 SUPPLY. Connects to the positive rail.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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