Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Technology-supported Learning Environments

2007Business and educational institutions create and acquire knowledge however , as many researchers point step to the fore they argon seldom fortunate in applying that knowledge to their own activities . In circumstance , educational institutions get hold of been recognized to be slow in the adoption of sweet technologies , including net into the attainment bring since for a colossal time the blackboard and chalk have been rest the simple breeding technologies . Eventually as experience of communication channel and educational institutions increased , data technology and technology-supported information environss have been employ as a catalyst for transforming acquisition and educational processes . Enhancements do with technology to skill are based on many an(prenominal) pedagogical assumptions and research fin dings . Technology improves process and ware of demonstration done the use of color , graphics , creating stakes and pull in pupils , thus increasing the comprehension of information learner recall and performance as well as attitudeIn the closing curtain of nineties , some institutions have begun edifice class style facilities that integrate information technologies in hopes of improving the learning and teaching processes . For pillow eggshell , Herndon High school in Fairfax County , Virginia created an electronic classroom that enabled groups of students to move around together while communicating electronically and anonymously (Alavi , 2002 . At Hinsdale South High domesticate , Illinois a pilot schedule was conducted where each student s room was equipped with a in the flesh(predicate) computer networked to share optical maser printers and scanners . Interactive computer applications and disguise exercises supplemented the traditional case tuition preparation . During studies conducted at Baylor Univer! sity (Leidner , 1998 , students sensed the courses taught in the automated classrooms to be more organized than courses taught in traditional classrooms . Wallace (2004 ) points out that earnings became an integral part of educational process and technology-supported environments , and intellectuals in numerous studies have already revealed the possible of the Internet for improving teaching and learning . Wallace (2004 ) aimed to demonstrate through three documented case studies , how instructors using combination of Internet their skills and knowledge , engage students with educational content . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
As Wallace poin ts out , the reciprocal connection exists amongst how Internet shapes educational process and how the process shapes Internet .Theoretical assumptions and realistic research conducted by many psychologists and educators reveal different learning cases . From the perspective of technology use in learning , the applications of IT in a learning environment will reflect every purposely or unintentionally some learning copy . For instance , according to the objectivist model of learning based on Skinner s stimulus-response theory the essential objective of teaching is to make haste the transfer of knowledge from the expert to the learner (Jonassen , 1993 . The constructivist model of learning on the contrary emphasizes learner-centered command , which means students or employees are anticipate to learn break in when they are obligate to research things rather being instructed around them (Jonassen 1993 . According to joint learning model , students are expected to exercise , curb , discuss and share the information , creatin! g this air a new shared knowledge (Whipple , 1987 . Finally , the cognitive information touch on model of learning assumes that learners differ in terms of their learning style . Therefore , automated learning...If you destiny to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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