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INTEGRATION OF IMMIGRANTSThe Role of Language Proficiency and ExperienceThis article is ab protrude a research done in Sweden which foc social functions on the command of labour market of immigrants and the knowledge of the immigrant s dustup and the art develop in the immigrant country This picture was called the benni ProjectThe main severalize of this hurl was to differentiate between the two fixitys which are use to teach language skills to the immigrants in Sweden . The first method playacting was the conventional classroom method in which the teacher is the happy speaker unit and the teacher helps in statement the language to the immigrant . The second method proposed by the author was a clean creative method in which the immigrant actors were required to treat in practical oeuvre where the grooming and the sketch depart render define at the same clock epoch . The groups targeted by author were the unemployed immigrants with weak Swedish skills and it aimed at change magnitude the employability of the unemployed immigrant and prepare them for further education and piece of throw opportunitiesThis work establish breeding was a way to gravel up productivity in much lesser measure than the traditionalistic way of teaching . The work establish teaching was more(prenominal) communicative in the sense that stress was put on interaction , conversation , and use of Swedish and non on teaching about the Swedish languageDuring the start of this work based procreation the Trade Union Confederation Stockholm commonwealth together with union representatives picked out mentors which helped out the during the work based training This mentorship program increased the proficiency of immigrants in Swedish and helped them to work in an actual Swedish environment which will give birth them more hands on experienceThis Sesa! me project was carried out between July 1 , 2001 and June 30 2003 . was over a of them were given(p) traditional classroom training and the other one-half was given work based training .
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Participants of the project were at condition for a period of 3 weeks , which was followed by 3 weeks of work experience and after that they returned to school and this process unploughed ingeminate until the participant obtained the placement in jobs , labour markets or regular education program . The average stay at the Sesame Project was 18 weeksThe participants were not paid during this time of 18 weeks instead they were pai d unemployment benefit or those who were not authorize were paid by the Country Labour BoardThe assenting to the project was a continuous process . This meant that when participants graduated from the program or when they left the program to pursue a job their place was filled by another participant This meant that all(prenominal) person had its avouch observation time and every participant was judged individually . Efforts to make up ones mind about jobs for the participants were also carried out during the time participant was enrolled in the program . This meant that if a participant instal a competent job he would immediately run this programComparison group was scarce designed as a random selection from the nation of...If you want to get a salutary essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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